Presentation Etiquette

A few weeks ago I posted on Bunco etiquette – today, we discuss, or rather{go to blog rules in the top portion of this graciefabulous blog}  I tell you  “WHAT NOT TO DO”  in a freakin presentation when no one even knows what the S you are talking about anyway… Rule #1 Don’t correct yourself!!! Unless you make some gross grammatical error or something that someone would pick up on or later sue you for… I was in a presentation today with a great team and one of the lead presenters actually looked EXACTLY like Ryan Stiles from the Drew Carey Show and what not. They were presenting along in their nerd fashion and I was super impressed and THEN they called themselves out on something that they didn’t change on their presentation.  & I’m gonna go ahead and steal from Tina Fey here… DEAL BREAKER. I was so distracted by the fact that they took the time to call out a very miniscule mistake rather than continue on … ugh! Yes, you should always admit your mistakes, I’m all for that mantra, however, I also think you should fix your freakin’ presentation… you shouldn’t have to apologize for incorrect information (that no one would have known about by the way). So the moral of the story boys and girls is to always make sure your images and facts and information in ALL your presentations, no matter your clientele is correct and accurate an able to be fact checked….


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