New York State of Mind {pt 1 of many}

I’ve been to NYC twice and have yet to report. So as I sit on the 3rd return, I shall tell the tales of 2 trips…

The end of April, MZ and I came for Milo’s baptism, I posted pictures but slacked on the writing… we came up on the Thursday night flight, good flight, no issues, lots of Walmartian Vendors which always makes for a drunk flight, sometimes it even rivals the flight to Vegas honestly! LOVE IT!

Anyway, MZ had never been to NYC so I felt super cool in that I got to lead the way. We got in line for a cab, yeah there’s even a line at 10pm – if one was landing in Highfill at 10pm and expected a car service of any sort–well…. Good luck, hope you brought your walking shoes. So we took a cab into Brooklyn where we were advised to stay by a few people, the Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge to be exact (great hotel btw). We grabbed a quick bite to eat and a drink or 5 and called it a night. The next morning we had a strollering date with Todd and Milo – we strollered down to the promenade less than a block from their apartment and then continued our strollering adventure across the Brooklyn Bridge – it was so cool. I loved it!!!  Check out all the pictures here. On the Manhattan side of the Bridge is where we parted ways with Todd and Milo and I was employed with navigating skillz – yeah it gets a Z, because they are THAT awesome! We headed due northish to Canal Street – I figured MZ needed to totally experience a cavernous escapade for knock of jewelry and bags. My keen sense of direction and shopping skillz (yep there’s the z again) landed us right where I wanted to be – Broadway and Canal… we went from gate to gate looking at what MZ deemed be the same damn thing until we came across the “vendor” that sold only belt buckles…. Does MZ wear a belt… NO… does he need a buckle to secure said belt… NO did he buy a belt buckle – oh hellz yeah – He bought a Decepticon Transformers belt buckle that’s rather large. I was completely accepting of the fact that for some reason he wanted a buckle for a belt he does not have… the only rule was that could not be any bigger than any prize winning buckle any of our acquaintances may have won…  I bought some great trinket finds… can’t get enough of Canal. Then we headed back toward the bridge, stopped at a Dunkin Doughnuts for refreshments of the caffeinated kind, then made our way ALL the way back to the apartment… we figured we walked about 6 miles that day… more than either of us expected to do.


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