I am NOT getting an eye tattoo

I just heard on the local news that Oklahoma is set to pass a bill tomorrow, July 1st that BANS eyeball tattoos.

Why is this considered noteworthy news? 

Then, they followed the story with the Oklahoma state legislature is also going to pass a measure tomorrow to lower the sales tax on groceries by close to 1 cent. Although that’s not a lot of dough, it definitely seems more important that leading with the story about the ban on eye tattoos!

Helpful hint for the day!

Do you have out of date personalized address labels lying around? Or even just ugly ones that you get as a “fabulous free gift” for some reason or another. If so, bring them to work and use them to label your frozen meals for lunch with your name so no one steals them.

I’m sure that someone else has probably thought of this but I just thought of it so I don’t have anyone to attribute it to. I just got tired of writing my name on every single facing of my frozen meals. That’s the only way they won’t get eaten by someone else.

Bye Bye Smith Family! We’ll Miss YOU!

Today I helped host a going away party for our good friends Scott and Cheryl and their girls Cayden and Payton! They are moving to Houston in just a couple of weeks – Scott got a wonderful job offer that they could not pass up.
The theme of the party of course was “Western Chic” complete with cowboy hats and boots and lots of BLING. I always need an excuse to wear my cowboy boots and a dress, and this was IT – probably for the year… There was a kid corral for ALL the children, pretty sure MZ and I were the only ones without children but that’s totally fine.

I think it was a great way to send them off and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed the party. I will miss Cheryl a lot, she is such a great friend and is always a creative inspiration and fabulous to host parties with, so I’m losing my hostess buddy – we’ll have to have online parties or install a webcam to any parties going forward so she can still participate!

June Book Club

Last night I hosted book club for our group, we read Pretty Little Mistakes by Heather McElahtton. It’s a choose your own adventure book, a genre I’ve never heard of, but apparently it’s a tween thing to do. I’ve already been asked if we’re going to read Dungeons and Dragons next = no! It was a good book nonetheless and I think everyone had a great time reading it.

For dinner I made a veggie lasagna using the Cooking Light recipe, a watermelon arugula salad, pita pesto chips and a peanut butter cup chocolate cake. I must say, for my first lasagna, it was pretty good. The salad was AMAZING! Check it out for sure!

This is why I DON’T clean out my car…

I cleaned out my car this past weekend, which consisted mainly of emptying out all the shoes… I learned yesterday this was a shitty idea. I was walking down the stairs to head to lunch and not quite sure what happened but my right foot went one way and the rest of me went another way and I fell on my ass all the way down the stairs. Fortunately I didn’t have my phone or sunglasses in my hands or they probably would have gone flying or have shattered as my hands hit the stair floor. I sat there for just a bit and concluded I was all still in one piece and just got up and picked up my spilled purse and headed down the 2 more flights of stairs – minus my super tall shoes. I left for lunch and tried to calm down … tanning helped, tanning always helps! So when I got back to the parking lot I was all set to grab some flippie floppies out of the car to wear the rest of the day. That didn’t happen because I took everything out of my car. I was very very sad!

My left leg and elbow are still pretty sore and I have a rockin’ bruise on my hipal area, but other than that, no lasting damage.

MY online food journal

So I’m going to try a new experiment, online food journaling. I’ve created a little tab – look at the top right side of this page, go ahead and click on it now.

I’m going to keep track of my daily food intake with pictures and stats and maybe even a review or two.


Saturday night MZ cashed in on his birthday present which was tickets to MacHomer at the Walton Arts Center. First we went to dinner at Doe’s with the tailgating crowd and had always delicious steak and potatoes and tamales. Doe’s is great because you can split a gigantic steak between two people and it’s normally the perfect portion!

Full of steak and wine (and beer) we headed across the street to the show. MacHomer is a one man show that consists of the story of MacBeth personified by Simpsons characters. One guy does the entire show and acts out all the characters voices.  He was fantastic. It was a great show for the two of us because I took a whole semester that was about nothing but MacBeth and wrote many a paper on the subject and I’m pretty sure MZ has watched the Simpsons religiously since their inception in December of 1989.

We both truly enjoyed the show. It was original and witty and drew a crowd that wanted to be there instead of thinking they were fulfilling some type of artsy obligation. You can check out the info here: www.machomer.com

After the show, we met back up with everyone at 21st Amendment then headed to Theo’s to begin B’s birthday celebration with Champagne. I’m sad we took NO pictures!!!

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