FDC = Fayetteville Dining Club

Last night was another meeting of the Fayetteville Dining Club! We went to Mellow Mushroom for yummy pizza. 

The FDC is just a group of people who work in Benton County and live in Fayetteville. I’ve been allowed to stay even though I don’t work in Benton County anymore. But in my defense, I don’t work in Fayetteville, so the theory of working outside of Fayetteville yet LIVING in Fayetteville still holds true for me.

We meet about once a month and go to different local eating establishments. So far (since I’ve been going) we’ve been to Tapinazo’s (RIP), Theo’s, Soul, Noodles, Greenhouse Grille, Wasabi and most recently Mellow Mushroom! We normally have about 8 or so people and it’s always great conversations paired with tasty food and drinks. We haven’t had a disappointing outing yet!

Who knows where we’ll end up in the month of June… if you’re a local reader, please suggest a great place!

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