everything you wanted to know…

What else do you really want to know? I guess you can ask if you want…

… party planner to the stars and perpetual Maid of Honor Extrodinaire!

Well rather… once all these babies grow up that I have baby showers for…

I know they will all think of me when they are wildly successful!

And as for the MoH – I guess there will probably be a few second weddings soon…

I love to plan, coordinate and orchestrate parties of all types – most of my friends all got married at about the same time so I became pretty darn good at planning and hosting a bridal shower or two and the always-fun bachelorette party! Then … they ALL got pregnant and had babies – I like other peoples kids… So I got really great at (rather quickly) hosting and planning baby showers! I’ve also consulted a time or two thousand on some really amazingly great weddings – I have some very stylish and creative friends and they have some cool kids!

I have a fantastic boyfriend -MZ, and a tremendous group of friends! I also have a fabulous dog- Presley – she IS the smartest dog in the world. I love them all dearly and most of the time I’m pretty sure they all love me too!

I love Razorback football season, mainly for the social aspect of tailgating. I also love to cook, much to MZ’s chagrin sometimes. I think I’m a pretty good cook, but I’m not a good cleaner and I normally create a HUGE mess! oh well my culinary creations are tasty!

I moved back to Fayetteville mid 2004. I moved to Dallas to get out of town and get away from drama, well, the drama followed. It’s slowly coming back – not so much to haunt me, but creeping back. But I think I’m a much stronger person and can fight off a lot more now… good luck to me! I absolutely love Fayetteville. I always knew I’d end up back here, just a bit sooner than originally planned. I used to work in Benton County, but have quit drinking the blue kool aid and moved southbound on the job front… I will never be a Benton County girl. I just could not handle living in a dry county.

This is, hopefully, going to keep me from drinking heavily and slapping the ever loving snot out of people… we’ll see how that works out.
I hope it also encourages those who read it to do the same thing – not slap people!I also hope this brings back some of my creativity…I used to write all the time, I used to be pretty freakin’ Fabulous! I hope to regain that!!!


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