Much like Bobby Knight…

I didn’t come to Boot Camp to F around… {yes OK – he was in Lubbock – I still like the saying}

So we’re finishing up week 3 this week of Bootie Camp. I must say it’s not what I expected unfortunately. I mean, I appreciate the discipline lesson of getting up at 530 in the am but I’m not really seeing hard core results. I still hate the plank, I still can do lunges forever and technically squats are bad for you… maybe this upcoming last week will really kick some tail, or at least  kick it off, that’s all I’m really asking for, my ass is huge.

But my real beef with the class is the lazy ladies in the group that apparently thought that just because they woke up at 5 am the will magically shed 90 pounds – that takes work gals! I really feel like the instructor focuses too much of her effort on adjusting exercises for them rather than pushing the rest of us to do one more heinously hard push up or stay up in plank for 20 more seconds or run one more mile harder… so back to BK – not to be confused with Burger King… I too did not sign up for Boot Camp to F around, I wanted some hard core results as well as training tactics to take with me on my endless journey for skinniness, that is all I ask for on my journey, alas I feel I will be failed overall by BC and will be back to my running with Presley schedule upon the first week of June.

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