First week of boot camp complete

I completed the first week of boot camp this week! Yay! It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and honestly, that’s a bit disappointing. It seemed like a few too many times the instructor took time to modify segments for those who could not keep up – that’s not my fault…. 

We did get an email from the director of the program a) congratulating all the classes on completing the first full week and b) assuring us it was going to get way harder! I’m ok with that. Of course, we’ll see how I feel at the end of next week.

The last day of the first week is always “the fit test” – a test of endurance I guess, it consists of:

  • how many push ups you can do in 1 minute – real push ups! (35)
  • how many crunches you can do in 1 minute (54)
  • how long you can hold the plank position (1 minute, 39 seconds)
  • how much you can run in 12 minutes 1.1 miles

The run was tough because I forgot my watch and so I had no idea how I was on time, so I really could have pushed myself more. I was listening to my iPod and not paying attention to the teacher calling at the time.


The plank is the absolute devil I have determined. I hate it. I know it works and you can feel it working immediately, but I still really hate it – ALOT!

Here’s to 3 more weeks of Boot Camp and hopefully 10 more pounds gone!

Happy Nuevo de Mayo!

I’m a bit late in posting anything for this mucho American holiday but cinco de mayo in Fayetteville was pretty much a wash out due to the torrential rain and winds. And I was at Fayetteville Dining Club… see a few posts prior.

It used to be a fairly formal standing traditions for me to go to Little Rock and celebrate with Liz and Chad, because … well there’s really no reason, except that we really like to drink margaritas and found this an appropriate reason to skip work and start drinking early in the day.

Please note that this picture was taken after a few too many celebratory margarita’s! 

Cinco de Mayo

However, they live in Denver now, so it’s not a quick a jaunt to hang out. We’ll be going out to Denver hopefully in August to celebrate Elizabeth’s 30th birthday!

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