In need of shiny things for my blog…is there an app for that?

I would like a few more bells and whistles on my blog! 

I like the twitter feed, but I actually highly doubt that anyone that follows me on twitter stays glued to my website to keep up with it, but if that’s what you like, you go right ahead.

Anyone have any good blog additions, please let me know!

forgot to post last night

I do apologize for not posting a damn thing last night, but I HAD to get outside! It was one of the very, very few nice evenings in a long while!
It has literally rained every day for as long as I can remember. And guess what? It’s raining again… Severe Thunderstorming actually!

Isolated = every hour on the “hour by hour” forecast for the entire weekend! Yuck!
So I had to get a patio stat, otherwise I might have shiveled up and died actually.

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