Leroy, the top shelf elf for myself

Sooooo I started this thing … this “Elf For Myself” thing. I named him Leroy, I took him everywhere and he did silly and sometimes inappropriate things, mainly involving alcohol. He worked his creepy little hand magic into the hearts of many of my friends on facebook and instagram. People started requesting his presence at life events, they wanted to be sure I brought him everywhere.
What they didn’t understand is that Leroy is the elf for MYself… as in me. Get your own damn elf, but be warned, I tm’d “elf for myself” so don’t event think about making that new elf and elf for yourself. Leroy is my toy and he does my crazy ideas – not yours – I don’t share my toys – this is not new news.
Now it’s time for Leroy to hit the road for the next 11 months, just like all good elves do. I was hoping to have a grand send off in all that snow we were going to get, but that is currently a bust. He may ride off into the sky on all the fireworks we have in the garage, but again, the goal is not to get me arrested.

But don’t fear – Leroy will be back next year, in all his creepy, tiny glory. He’ll turn up when he’s least expected and probably scare the bejesus out of you – and that’s the true meaning of Leroy.

If you missed any of the Leroy shenanigans, you can find them all chronicled here: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/topshelfelf
A coffee table book will be available in time for Easter.



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