Ahhhhh the trip to NYC …

IMG_0244How I love thee, every other week, let me count the ways.

I actually really do love the flights to New York. It’s always filled with fabulously snarky people ready to get the F out of Northwest Arkansas as they are all think they are too damn good for this place – lest they forget, THEY came here because THEIR biggest client is here {that’s Walmart fools}. I am only part of the mass exodus from NWA because my business lies in New York – now is the appropriate time to feel sorry for me! This time I am headed up for what they call in the business a “desk side tour.” As we are launching new products, we are escorting one our spokespeople, to all the big shot magazines so that she can help to sell our product. I’ve never been on a desk side tour… I’m intrigued… glad the agency is here for sure. Therefore, I’m “blogging in air” thanks Word because I’m pretty sure there are no wifi flights leaving Arkansas any time soon… I’m also blogging and listening to my fabulous mix on le iPhone… shall I be worried that at THE EXACT moment Rehab by the oh so lovely Amy Winehouse started playing I was presented with my second mini bottle of gin courtesy of our super awesomely snarky flight attendant – he needs to explain the exact meaning of Cran-Apple and the equation will be complete. I do have to say though, the guy gave me another bottle of gin… I gave him a dollar tip… ROCK gt!

Also, side note: Rehab was followed with Brandy Alexander by Feist… you make your own conclusions… and GO! I referenced “this time” because I’m going to NYC every other week until July – at least that’s as far as I have scheduled out. Again, if you didn’t observe before – now is yet another appropriate time to feel super sorry for me. We have two satellite media tours and another desk side tour coming up. I’ll be sure to post the exact Media schedule for the satellite tours so that y’all can tune in.

Song update: now on “The Ride” by David Allen Coe… it’s a long walk to Nashville… and apparently New York too!


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