a WICKED weekend

wicked-logoThis weekend I took Mike to see WICKED in Tulsa. I saw it last year with the THSC girls on Broadway and I was super excited that it was coming to play so close! The Tulsa showing wasn’t quite as good as the Broadway showing but it was still super fabulous! In true fashion, I dressed thematically with my “ruby red” shoes and sparkly green eyeshadow.

Tulsa is a great day trip and we hope to go back soon.

Ahhhhh the trip to NYC …

IMG_0244How I love thee, every other week, let me count the ways.

I actually really do love the flights to New York. It’s always filled with fabulously snarky people ready to get the F out of Northwest Arkansas as they are all think they are too damn good for this place – lest they forget, THEY came here because THEIR biggest client is here {that’s Walmart fools}. I am only part of the mass exodus from NWA because my business lies in New York – now is the appropriate time to feel sorry for me! This time I am headed up for what they call in the business a “desk side tour.” As we are launching new products, we are escorting one our spokespeople, to all the big shot magazines so that she can help to sell our product. I’ve never been on a desk side tour… I’m intrigued… glad the agency is here for sure. Therefore, I’m “blogging in air” thanks Word because I’m pretty sure there are no wifi flights leaving Arkansas any time soon… I’m also blogging and listening to my fabulous mix on le iPhone… shall I be worried that at THE EXACT moment Rehab by the oh so lovely Amy Winehouse started playing I was presented with my second mini bottle of gin courtesy of our super awesomely snarky flight attendant – he needs to explain the exact meaning of Cran-Apple and the equation will be complete. I do have to say though, the guy gave me another bottle of gin… I gave him a dollar tip… ROCK gt!

Also, side note: Rehab was followed with Brandy Alexander by Feist… you make your own conclusions… and GO! I referenced “this time” because I’m going to NYC every other week until July – at least that’s as far as I have scheduled out. Again, if you didn’t observe before – now is yet another appropriate time to feel super sorry for me. We have two satellite media tours and another desk side tour coming up. I’ll be sure to post the exact Media schedule for the satellite tours so that y’all can tune in.

Song update: now on “The Ride” by David Allen Coe… it’s a long walk to Nashville… and apparently New York too!

NY State of mind…Part deux of a few

The actual reason we were in NYC was for Milo’s baptism. Milo is MZ’s nephew and now Godson. He’s quite the charmer and I must say a brilliant child, of course he has brilliant parents so the expectations are high. Saturday was the literal blessed event. We walked down to the apartment but had to stop at the Peas and Pickles and pick up some beer because, really what Catholic baptism isn’t complete without beer. The baptism was absolutely lovely. The priest was so delightful. SO much so, that I even said if we had a priest like that at home, I might actually go to mass. He referred to God as a She – I kinda think that was just to see who was actually listening to the sermon, but nonetheless… a She God was…

After the ceremony we headed back to TP and KZ’s apartment to celebrate. Their friends were great and all very supportive. It was really cool to see such a long standing group of friends together, all raising their children together, all being overly successful together – really cool!

Again that afternoon, I got the chance to play tour guide! We rode the subway into Midtown and we came up right at Penn Station.  I love love LOVE the hustle and bustle of NYC and ALL the people and busy and crazy. MZ, not so much. We made it to Central Park and had a nice little rest on the green grass. It was packed, it was an absolutely perfect weekend in NYC weather wise and everything else-wise as well. So we hung out in the park for a bit and then we walked down Mecca, I mean 5th Ave for a while, back toward Times Square with the theory of hitting Penn Station again and going “home.” We of course had to stop and mack on some Magnolia Cupcakes…..we hopped on the subway and made our way safely home, yay! I was a bit worried I had no clue where we were going… surely he thought I was right? RIGHT?

That night we went to Noodle Pudding, which sounds really really strange but was on the post Grimaldi’s tour from Friday so we trusted Todd’s opinion… it was a quaint little Brooklyn Italian place that you could tell was good because there were some of them real I-talians eatin’ all up in that place. Seriously, I figure that is a good sign if families of Italian origin eat there… They apparently had just opened their sidewalk seating for the season and I secrectly wished for an outside table. My wish was granted! We had the most wonderful table that faced a park and you could see the lights of the Brooklyn Bridge as well! It was a great meal and I was happy to just have time to sit by ourselves and talk.

Fun in Second City

We went to Chicago this past weekend for Tom and Stephanie’s wedding. We took a few days off before did some sightseeing around town. I’ve never been to Chicago before and I absolutely loved it! We drove all night on Wednesday night with Mark and Lane and hit Chicago right at about morning rush hour. We went straight to the zoo in Lincoln Park, which is a great zoo by the way! Then we went downtown to Michigan Avenue and ate at Giordano’s Pizza which is the best deep dish pizza EVER! Then we went to H&M. where apparently I proved my shopping prowess! Then we went back to Lincoln Park to check in to our Hotel. We stayed at the Belden Stratford Hotel which is Fabulous! It’s part hotel and part apartments. We all took a much needed nap!!!
Thursday night we went to Tom and Stephanie’s apartment for drinks then out to a club. Friday, those that weren’t in the wedding headed out to Navy Pier and took and architectural tour through the city on a river boat – this was probably my favorite part! We also at the infamous Billy Goat Tavern, where the SNL skit Cheebourger Cheebourger originated. Then we went to the Museum of Science and Industry where Mike was enthralled with the Poop to Power display. By the end of the afternoon, Mike and I were the only ones left in our tour group and we were about a $40 cab ride away from our hotel, so we decided to make and adventure out of public transit. It was much cheaper (about $8 in total) but about twice as long, but we saw parts of the city that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Friday night, we went to a great dinner out to celebrate my new job… Kinzie Chophouse – it was wonderful – probably the best steak I’ve ever had. We walked around downtown and headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Saturday, Mike and I walked to Wrigley Field and bought t-shirts to prove we were there and headed the 3.6 miles home – we did alot of walking and hailed a cab about halfway back… Saturday night was the wedding – the whole reason we were there… it was so wonderful! The entire affair was at Carnivale, a Cuban restaurant in the downtown area. Everything was bright colors and pop art and it really illustrated the creativity and passion of Tom and Stephanie. Stephanie even made her own wedding cake – it was gorgeous! We ate and drank and drank some more and danced the night away.

Sunday was a rude awakening in that we had to go back to reality and drive 10 hours back to Fayetteville – it wasn’t too bad – it helps to travel with more than 2 people so that everyone can nap. We made it home safe and sound right about 12:31 – precisely as predicted by Lane.

I really loved Chicago! Although I may have other things to say about it had it been the middle of winter.

Vegas, baby!!!

Last week my mom and I went to Las Vegas to begin her 50th birthday celebration – her birthday isn’t until September but 50 is definitely worth celebrating for a long time.

We flew direct from Tulsa, here’s us on the plane…

It’s great when you fly to Vegas, because in theory, it’s free time with the time change. We left at 3:15 and landed about 3:40!

Mom has never been to Vegas before so it was fun to see her reaction to all the craziness of the city! I went to Vegas last April for Liz’s bachelorette party and had a blast! It’s constantly changing with new hotels and casinos going up EVERYWHERE!

We stayed at Harrah’s mainly because it was in the center of Las Vegas Blvd. It was very convenient to just get up and go and be able to walk everywhere. As soon as we got checked in and dropped our stuff off, we headed toward north toward the Venetian.

We also walked through Cesar’s the first night and had a bite to eat, then watched the fountains at the Bellagio… and then headed back to the room, we were beat!

Friday morning, we hit the pool for a good desert tan! It was really relaxing to lounge by the pool and drink … all before noon! After the pool, we walked all the way down to MGM, stopping at lots of places on the way. We stopped in at Margaritaville to grab lunch – we split a cheeseburger in paradise and of course had margaritas! For those of you that don’t know, my parents are Parrot Heads…clearly.

We also kept seeing this bus… I ABSOLUTELY love Absolut Marketing so I had to have a picture of this…

We stopped in Paris where I won $25 on the nickle slots! YAY! We also went in the Coca Cola and M&M’s stores. I was so very glad to see the Coke store because it seemed like Vegas itself is sponsored by Pepsi… (sorry B’s, but I don’t drink Pepsi). We crossed the strip and headed into New York New York. We walked back toward center strip and headed inside Bellagio to check out the Buffet. When we went for Liz’s Bachelorette Weekend we all went to the champagne brunch buffet at the Bellagio and it was FABULOUS! Mom and I actually decided against gorging ourselves on all that food – it’s hard to eat a ton when it’s so hot outside. So we headed back to the hotel for a while and to play some slots.

Saturday we were going to try and repeat the pool experience but it was CLOUDY!!! Who would have guessed it… it seems as if we took the humidity to Vegas with us. So we headed back north on the strip toward the Wynn/Encore. We walked through the Fashion Show Mall and then ate at a patio hamburger place. We walked around some more and then went inside the Wynn and through to the Palazzo and eventually back to the Venetian – it’s very nice that these are all internally connected – it was hot and super crowded outside. It’s definitely best to go when you can have a few days of the week to explore rather than fighting the throngs of tourists on Saturday.

One thing of mention – there were lots of kids there. I found this odd… family vacations are great an all but why Vegas for your 8 year old? We did hear about the adventures of a family in the airport where the 8 year old boy kept telling everyone that he pretty much stayed drunk and he was going to tell his teachers that. I taught him to say inebriated rather than drunk – he should at least get some vocabulary points!
Saturday night, we had tickets to see LOVE – the Cirque du Solei extravaganza… it was phenomenal. It was a multitude of performers dancing interpretively to all Beatles songs. It was so much fun! Before that, we ate at a bar called Stack… yes, you are correct in assuming that are the waitresses were just that… My oh so funny mother insisted on taking my picture in front of the sign after I explained the meaning of the name…
Then we had drinks at REVOLUTION which is the theme bar to coincide with the performance. Here’s me sitting in the U and my mom standing in front of the TSince it was our last night, we decided to go to the Piano Bar at NYNY from great recommendations from Melanie (aka Martini Momma). It was so much fun. My mom chickened out on letting them sing to her so that was too bad because I’m sure it would have made for a great picture and a great story.

It was a great trip!!! I had so much fun and am ready to go back again…

Adventures at Sam Moon

If you don’t know what Sam Moon is, you are missing out! It’s a fabulous warehouse style import adventure of all things accessorizee! I love going there when ever I get the chance! I tried to go on July 4th – thinking it should totally be open, low and be hold IT WAS CLOSED! It was a sad afternoon. However, I went back on Saturday.
As I was browsing and fighting my way through the throngs of crazy women (no man ever makes it past the front door)… I over heard the irony of all ironic conversation… A very much wannabe fashionista 12 year old girl made the comment to her extremely over accessorized mother: “I’m gonna buy me that fake Louis over there” to which her mother replied “Your daddy’s gonna be in China next week, he’ll just get you a real one.” Bless their hearts…

There is also a great shoe store in the Sam Moon complex and I got two pairs of fabulous shoes that are sure to hurt my feet, but they are freakin’ cute!

My parents recently chilly in Chile

My parents went to visit my sister in Chile. The big news is that, yes, they survived the trip! We had our doubts that wouldn’t be detained or something and neither of them speak a drop of Spanish… They might could get by in Santiago with a phrase book, but Katie lives farther out on the coast in Vina del Mar. They were there for 10 days and experienced a soccer game, miles and miles of hiking up and down the streets due to public transit strikes and even Cuban cigars.

Here are pictures: 1) my parents and sister in Katie’s house 2) my parents and Katie and her friends 3) my mom and Katie… somewhere 4) my parents with Chile in the back ground


Last week was the premier of SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE! I flew out to Denver to watch the movie with my best friend Elizabeth. It was a great mini vacation and of course a FABULOUS movie. We also had a pre movie party – “The Return of Martini’s and Manolo’s.” Holly very graciously hosted party at her super swank LoDo loft that is only a few blocks away from the movie theater.

The party was a blast and I met so many new and interesting people. Most people dressed up in fun party dresses and everyone brought a bottle of martini related alcohol and Holly printed cute little recipes for new types of drinks. I made my staples – Cosmopolitans and Pomegranate Martini’s.

It was a great way to get in the SATC spirit before the movie. It was so fun to know that people everywhere had parties and got all dressed up for the movie! And yes, I will continue to make fun of Trekkies and Star Wars nerds – although I wore a fabulous cocktail dress and some rockin’ shoes, I did not wear a Chewbacca suit or pointy ears and a color block jump suit.
In other Denver news, we did a lot of retail therapy and drank a lot – both things that Elizabeth and I excel in! One afternoon, we went to a Champagne Bar for Happy Hour – boy were we happy and bubbly!!!Chad and Liz live in Englewood, CO actually and there is a light rail station very close to their house which is really convenient – however we found out the hard way that the light rail stops running at 2 am … note to self… must leave down town prior to 2 am or risk pulling people out of bed to come get us. THANKS CHAD!!! I came home on Sunday on yet another fun Frontier flight!

Makin my way to Denver

I’m in Denver this weekend for a fabulous premier party for Sex and the City: The Movie! I arrived yesterday via Tulsa – I’m not a fan of the Tulsa airport. I did get some great shopping done prior to my flight!

There was a family that was at the ticket counter with me waiting for it to open – their screaming child didn’t help the ticket counter open any earlier. That was 2 hours before the flight was scheduled … in my 2 hours I had a tasty meal of chicken tenders (of course) and multiple gin and tonics. Apparently the little screaming girl held ALL her crazy in until she got on the plane — as we were in line to board the plane she was so friendly and giving everyone high fives and winking at people – strangers ate that up. I cringed! I knew what was looming… she SCREAMED the entire flight. Also there was a crazy old woman next to me, but she kept to herself after a few odd comments – her John Grisham paperback kept her occupied.
Our flight attendant was super creepy – she was all about flirting with the equally creepy businessman in the row opposite me – so much to the point she was practically sitting on the arm rest = his lap.
The flight got a little bumpy on the descent – which apparently is common – I don’t see how predicted turbulance can ever be common – if you know it’s there – fly straighter or something! Just like if you know there is ice on the road – you don’t go 90 mph! Around then is when I really started regretting that 3rd g&t!
Once we landed, the Denver airport was a welcome site! It seems to be a very nice and new (or at least well renovated) airport! I made my way to baggage claim and was pretty proud of myself for navigating through the air port – I know it really isn’t that tough but I have this fear of airports… anyway I finally found Elizabeth after multiple “where are you” “I’m by the Frontier sign” conversations – there are LOTS O FRONTIER signs!
Chad was really excited to eat Mexican food last night so we rode the train downtown to a Mexican place that has a 2 margarita max!
Today is the day! The premier of SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE!
Stay tuned….

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