Happy New Year!!!

We had a few options for NYE this year, but we decided to keep it low key so we could actually enjoy our day off the next day – that is a SURE sign of “getting-old-ness.”

We went to Ruths’ Chris with a majority of the THSC and a few new faces and then went back to the Barnes’ for a champagne toast. It was really quite nice not to worry about feeling like crap the next day or trying to remember what I said or if I made a complete ass of myself. And I was also super excited to wear my NYE dress and sparkly shoes- this is definitely only a dress that can be worn on NYE or if on the off chance I go to Vegas or a cruise in the near future… My mom kept calling it the “upgrade” dress because she thought it looked like the dress in the Beyonce commercial about upgrading something -I can never quite remember what that commercial is for but now I have the song in my head and probably so do you— sorry about that.

We had a great time with friends and family and are looking forward to a fabulous 2009!!!
Here’s to you (yes, that means you). =)

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