Little Black Dress Brigade

I thought I’d do a little promoting and PR today for my very good friend Ari and her business partner Mandy.
They live in Central Arkansas and have a great “full-service” boutique design company that specializes in floral arrangements and wedding planning as well as some super swank party creation and orchestration!
Their company is Little Black Dress Brigade, here is their latest newsletter as well. If you can’t read it, just simply click on it and it will take you straight there!
I wrote about their talents in a previous post… LBDB did some beautiful things for JC’s wedding in April.
They are very fun gals and great to work with so I’ve heard, although I’ve not worked directly on any events with them, I’ve had the pleasure of attending plenty. Please check out their site and subscribe to their e-newsletter!

This is a prelude to a new chapter on – I’m going to start FABULOUS FRIDAY’s – showcasing all things I consider fabulous going on in the local/ semi-local area. Not to say that everything else on here isn’t truly fabulous, but I want to be able to focus on some local businesses, events and happenings that are truly FABULOUS!

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