Sunny California my ass…

Blogging from the set here… FREEZING my ass off.
Our little tent has so many portable heaters we are for sure a fire hazard!
However, I’m very glad we are not shooting in NYC with the blizzard coming.


Yes, today the high is 27, so so much warmer than the high of 19 yesterday.
Sunday, it was 70 degrees in the afternoon, (I had the fire place turned on anyway though) then the wind started to blow about 6 pm and by 8 pm it was 24!!!!!!!!!!!! 24 degrees = craziness.

No worries though, I’m heading to sunny California for a commercial shoot for the rest of the week. Wahoo! (notice the non-use of woooo!) I’ll be in Santa Monica till Saturday, then I come back to the Ark-tic fundra of Fayetteville.
But fun times do await – I get to cash in my birthday present and MZ and I are going to see SpamALot Saturday evening and probably to Theo’s to eat. YUM!

I can not believe Christmas is a week away! It does not seem like it’s time for Christmas yet at all. I did start making Christmas cards this past weekend – hopefully I’ll get them mailed off in time so that they actually arrive PRIOR to Christmas. But, ya know, the Christmas season lasts until January 6th so … maybe they’ll be Epiphany cards instead. Hence the 12 days of Christmas.


OK so I laughed extremely hard when I saw this epidode of “How I Met Your Mother” but beware… and I’ve come to notice more and more how this is not always the best girl to be… still fun none the less but I think there may come a certain point in yours or my life that, well, WOOOO girlyness may need to be toned down a bit… just FYI.

All good things must come to an end…

Since Saturday was our last night in the city, we thought it would be good to go out – because clearly we hadn’t done enough drinking! =) Jennifer wasn’t feeling too good so she opted to stay in and watch football and order Chinese take-out – that was really fun to do too!!! I’m glad we were all still there when it arrived!
The rest of us got dressed up to go dancing and what not… Our first stop was Nick’s apartment (Ari’s brother). And Nick’s roommate Ben. Nick was a wonderful host and had beer, wine and even a few snacks for us! It must run in the family – being an excellent host/ess that is…
We decided to have sushi that evening and made reservations at Sushi Samba in the Village. When we were leaving to go to dinner, IT WAS SNOWING!!!! It was so pretty and we were glad we got to see it snow and even more glad that it had stopped and was gone by the time we finished dinner. Dinner was great, we had an awesome corner booth and ate all kinds of sushi! They had a signature “drink tree” that has 12 mini wine glasses full of tasty libations! Yummy! 6 people 12 drinks $60 bucks – what a steal! We’ll take 2 please.
After dinner, most all appropriate pictures ceased, and we walked a few blocks to a bar called Fat Black Pussy Cat – hmmmm – well it was just fine and had alcohol, so what – who cares what it’s called. As we were all digging out our ID’s to go in, Brittany realized that she did not have her purse! Fortunately, Nick still had the # to Sushi Samba in his phone and he was able to track down the purse and they went back to get it. We had a few rounds of drinks and then went to some other bar that no one can remember the name of – but we ended up staying way late after hours and dancing dancing dancing!!!
You may be thinking – WOW these girls sure know how to have a good time, and you would be correct in that thought process. You may also be thinking – is this trip EVER going to end? Oh yes – we had a car picking us up at 5 am Sunday morning.
HOLD ON – dancing after hours you say? – how is that going to end up? Actually – all very well!!! We stayed up all night long – left the bar about 3:45 am caught a taxi home, packed in a fury no one could ever beat, showered off the bar funk AND had all of our bags (evenly weight distributed) down stairs along with our happy drunk faces and our hog shirts by 4:57! Just in time to say bye to the door man and hop in the limo.
I personally think that’s the way to go – no risk of over sleeping – you can sleep on the plane – that’s my motto – right after a nice refreshing cran-apple juice!!!

We made it to the airport in time and actually got on an earlier flight – yay, go us!

Now, if you are reading this and have not read the previous posts then you need to scroll down – there are too many stories prior not to miss – so scurry on down to the post that is titled Nerd Packing 101 and then work your way all the way back up – it’s worth it, I promise!

Tiffany and beyond!

We didn’t have much of a plan for Saturday, we got and had breakfast in our spacious dining room and talked about some options. Catching a matinee was an option, shopping on 5th Ave was a must – going to Tiffany – a MUST MUST! So we got dressed and headed to 5th Ave!
We tried to go to FAO Schwarz but there was a line wrapped all the way around the building. We headed straight to Tiffany. We all split up to cover all 4 or 5 floors. After about 30 minutes Amanda caught up with us and said we MUST go to the 3 floor where the sterling silver was, so up we went – and we took the stairs – eek! We all headed toward the charms and Amanda suggested her and Ari take a picture by the grand staircase, so Brittany took out her camera, she actually started filming. Amanda pulled out a lovely Tiffany Blue bag out of her coat and handed it to Ari – you see, Ari’s husband had arranged to have a gift card waiting for her at the store so she could buy her own Christmas presents there instead of ordering online! It was so sweet and so wonderful that it’s on camera. As soon as I get the video, I will post it!
We walked some more down 5th and watched all the tourists – it’s amazing how crazy it was and how much people were spending, especially since we consider our country to be in a recession!
The other 4 girls had decided to go to a matinee showing of Mary Poppins. I wanted to try to catch up with MZ’s sister so we split up after a tasty pizza lunch off Broadway.
I walked down to Bryant Park and then back up 5th Ave all the way back to the apartment – that took about 3 hours. I got in so much people watching and so much walking that afternoon! It was fun to be by myself and just kinda get lost in all the crazy.
I even was mistaken for a local (I guess) a few times, people asked ME for directions, then I opened my mouth and they knew damn good and well that I was not from the city at all. Oh well – it was cool while it lasted.
I headed back to the apartment alone and talked with Todd (MZ’s brother in law) and we eventually came to the conclusion that this was not the trip to catch up since KZ is 8.75 months pregnant. With that being said, MZ is going to be an uncle and maybe we’ll get to go back to soon to see them and the new baby!!!

Quality Meats and Whiskey Park

After the show as we were beaming from ear to ear we started to walk back to our apartment with the thought of stopping along the way and getting a quick bite to eat then moving on to, you guessed it, drinks.
We stopped and asked a door man for suggestions and he suggested Quality Meats on 58th Street between 5th and 6th – well that was funny – we were staying on 58th Street between 5th and 6th and we had seen some place (and of course made fun of) called Quality Meats full well knowing that just that phrase alone would make our husbands/boyfriends giggle with boyish oddness… and we thought it was a butcher shop. Boy were we wrong. It was so great. One of the best parts was our waitress – she knew everything and so we pretty much just let her order for us. So much for our quick bite – we all had filets and a huge assortment of sides AND we split 3 desserts among us.
On our way out, we stopped to talk to the managers and let them know how awesome our waitress was. Somehow it came up that we had yet to see any celebs and then it was revealed that our waitress Robin was actually a celeb in her own right – she played Simba’s mom in the Broadway production of The Lion King AND she played a lawyer in 2 episodes of Lipstick Jungle – which we all love!!! I couldn’t find her on IMDB but if she turns up, I’ll be sure to post it.

After our delish meal, we headed across the street to Whisky Park Bar – which was only a block away from our apartment and right across from Central Park. It was a very swank bar and we were lucky enough to get a great table by a window. They had a fabulous drink list – so we all got different drinks to pass around. Ari’s younger brother lives in NYC and he and his friend Geoff came out to meet us – we all had a great time reliving Wicked and our wonderful meal! This was probably my favorite night!!!!

WICKED was wicked awesome!

Friday night we had tickets to Wicked – it was truly amazing! We had all been listening to the soundtrack that Brittany made for us and knew all the words to every song – POPULAR is the group fave – who’s surprised? But words (or soundtracks) can not even begin to explain how awesome the show was. It’s coming to Tulsa in July and I’m probably going to go again!!!

During “halftime” (bc everything should be referred to in football terms) Amanda and I got up to use the facilities. Well the Gershwin Theater was not equipped to handle that many women at one time and as you can imagine, there was a LONG line for the ladies room and NO line for the men. So we waited and waited – then as we were about to give up, a couple of girls our age and one older woman headed toward the men’s room and started escorting all the guys OUT – so we did what any girl should do – headed toward the men’s room! It was clean – no worries there. While we were actually inside in line a guy walked in to use the urinal, everyone turned around so as to have our backs to him. He just laughed and said “girls, I’ve been married for 17 years, this is the most excitement I’ve had in a long time and I can’t wait to tell my wife!” We all got a good giggle out of that one.
We made it back to our seats just in time for the second act!!!

You will have to go the ATM.

After our stop at Rue 57 I went to Duane Reade to pick up some SF Red Bull and some other drink mixing accoutrement while everyone else headed to the apartment to start getting ready for the evening out. As I walked into the lobby and said hi to the door man, Amanda was coming off the elevator and didn’t look too happy. Well it seems as if the door to our fabulous apartment was stuck – as in the lock was broken. Not a good thing. The door man was little to no help what so ever except to tell us we were pretty much screwed since the super had already left for the weekend. He suggested we call a locksmith – o yes, because I have a 212 locksmith on speed dial on my phone. So he was kind enough to call one for us and tell him to hurry it up. So here we were all running around in towels and pj bottoms and tank tops with half applied make up and hair in rollers and towels and anything else you can think of and there’s some random man whom we believe to be a locksmith standing in the door way with tools spread out everywhere and baracading us in.
He “fixes” the lock and we tell him thank you very much, blah blah blah, just thinking that of course he’ll just charge it to the apartment owners or the building or something. NOPE! He says it’ll be a bit less than $500! We tell him we don’t have that and go round and round with him about taking a card or a check – no he must have cash. So we all dug into our “secret” stash of shopping money and paid the man. The best part was when, as we were all heartily discussing the situation and telling him we didn’t have that kind of cash, he just looked at Brittany who had her name monogrammed on her towel wrap and said uh…. Brittany, you will have to go to the ATM.
Door fixed – drama over…
Got dressed, left apartment, no deaths of the door man or the locksmith.

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