All I wanted for Christmas…

…was a Snuggie made out of a ShamWow…

…alas, all I got was a silly iPhone.

Just kidding – well no, I really got an iPhone – but it is far from silly! MZ definitely surprised me with this and I totally love it. I though it would be hard to end the love affair with Blackberry. HA! NO! Done and done.

I have had some issues getting ALL of my contacts over but other than that, I’ve adapted very well and am absolutely loving it. MZ is the best present giver ever!

So back to the Snuggie made out of a ShamWow – you have to admit, it would be kind of handy. And if you don’t know what either of these are, then you clearly didn’t watch any football over the past week because they advertised for these items endlessly! So much so, that now after anything that’s said, it’s always followed with “it’s made in Germany, it has to be good.” That’s the catch phrase for the ShamWow. I’m not certain that there is a catch phrase for the Snuggie except that creepy family at the soccer game that all look like those Gregorian Monks off that CD from the early 90’s. MZ also feels this is a dual purpose necessity for me, as I’m always cold and walk around with a blanket and let’s just say I’m just a tad bit clumsy – for instance I spilled ketchup on the carpet the other day – straight from the bottle – no one still quite knows how it happened – very mysterious!!!

Welcome back to reality everyone. This is going to be my first full 5 day work week since well before Thanksgiving!!! Wish me luck!

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