A couple of weather letters

Dear weatherchannel.com and Weather Channel iPhone app:

Why are you so different?
In this case, opposites DO NOT attract – they irritate us all!
Yesterday as I was tracking the pending ice storm, I was getting totally conflicting reports. wc.com said that there was only a meager 4% chance of precipitation at 4 pm while the iPhone app for the weather channel stated a whopping 80% chance of precip – ice, sleet, freezing rain… basically threats of armageddon actually, yet the computer base forecast was light and airy…

Please get it right going forward, especially as we move into TORNADO season here in Northwest Arkansas!!!!


Dear channels 5, 7, 8 & 9:
Of all my years here in NWA, this is one of the few times that you all agreed AND you were all right!
NWA was ready and prepared and you are definitely to thank for that!
Good Job!
Here’s hoping to even more shared and complete info agreement going forward!!!

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