one contact to top it off

So the past 36 hours haven’t been that great…

Last night I thought I would be nice and make dinner for Mike, he had a long day of, well doing nothing but still, I thought this would be a great idea. He wanted some turkey steak things we had in the freezer and some Rice-a-roni. I should mention I don’t really read directions and like to make things up as I go which could some day lead to my demise. Anyway, as I have mentioned before, me and Rice-a-roni don’t get along especially with the addition of vermicelli. So in typical fashion of not reading directions I proceeded to create a cheesy mush, I actually didn’t think it was that bad but clearly Mike disagreed. As for the turkey steak things – they can be broiled, so that’s what I thought I was doing, again – WRONG. Once I thought I had things partially under control I went to rest my weary legs and sit down – all of 3 minutes later, we found out the smoke detectors work – REALLY WELL! So after batting the smoke away from the detectors and establishing that nothing was salvageable, we headed to Taco Bell.
I promise I can cook and I really am pretty good at it!

So we move on into today… As I’m getting ready, running late like everyday… really at this point I don’t consider it running late – it’s what I do every day so not that its a pattern I’m just happy to leave on what used to be on time is now EARLY. Anyway, I was getting ready, put my left contact in and I sure thought I put my right contact in – but as the day went on, it was pretty obvious that the right contact in fact did not adhere to my face – boy was that a fun drive home!

There were other annoyances throughout the day, but that’s for another time!

Tonight did get better, got to see Amanda and Cole at Danielle’s house and I managed to make Mike some mac and cheese without burning it or under cooking it or anything! Yay, go me, baby steps…

In other news, Mike’s birthday is on week from Tuesday – on May 20th! Write that down!


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  1. Here’s what I say about directions/instructions- If it’s not intuitive, I don’t need it!

    If it makes you feel any better, one time I go to make some Tuna Helper and botched it. How can you? I thought after watching my mom throw these things together only a million times that it would be no big deal. But she didn’t cook with electric. I burned that in 2 seconds flat. The story may be on my blog…

    which reminds me. I need to update it.

  2. I’ve burned soup before! Easier than you think to do! Try pan frying the turkey steaks with a little olive or canola oil, enough to coat the bottom of the pan. We eat them all the time that way. It makes a bit of a mess, but they’re juicier that way. MMMMMmmmm.

  3. Hi Gracie!
    I started a blog; I’m not sure if I’ll keep up with it, but I will try. I’m new to it, but I *think* I am posting while being signed in, and so you should now have a link to it.
    I hope everything is going well!

    Oh…and here in Chile, you have to physically light the stove with a match and there is no changeing the temperature, so you can only imagine what type of cooking disaster have come from that in the past couple of months!


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