Final Tailgate of the year: Arkansas vs. Tulsa

This past week end was the final home game in Arkansas, this means the final tail gate. It was a short tail gate and pretty calm as well since most of us were still hanging over from the previous nights’ Halloween Party. I made chili but it was pretty warm out side so it wasn’t a great occasion to eat piping hot chili – I was super bummed, but oh well…

A special guest appearance by the king him self was a fun surprise – actually we have no idea who he belonged to, but it was amusing watching him try to catch a football.

The really good “last tail gate” was last weekend and has it’s own dedicated post below.
Here’s to a good season of tail gating, no so much a good football season, but it was great that the HOGS actually won this weekend beating Tulsa in a really good game. The bigger football news of the weekend was that Texas LOST – ha! They got beat by Texas Tech. That was super fun to watch especially with a mixed crowd!

Gameday Mimosas

Many of you may find it hard to believe, but even I can not drink beer at 8 in the morning! So we started Saturday morning off with Starbucks and Baileys and Mimosa’s! The Hogs faced off against Alabama on Saturday with an 11:30 kickoff – to get in the regulated amount of tailgating, that involved our appearance at Leverett parking at 8 am sharp. The drinks and company were good times – the game, not so much. There’s no need for me to rehash the slaughter, Mike and I didn’t even go to the game. Ah the joys of tailgating with a rather large TV and an HD receiver…
Most everyone trickled back before the 3rd quarter and we all enjoyed the nice weather and always eventful conversation. We did miss Ari this weekend, she had a huge wedding to orchestrate… sorry to all you stick Ari fans – she didn’t come out either…

Crawfist Boil and Actual Birthday Day

Every year before the first game, we all get together for a Crawfist Boil – no not misspelled – that’s a longer story for a later time…

This year was the 6th annual Crawfist Boil and it also happened to be my actual birthday! The THSC (Turkey Hill Social Club) Girls got me a fabulous cake and even had everyone sing to me! The cake was so pretty and yummy too! The top layer was pina colada and the bottom layer was strawberry – it was almost too pretty to eat, but we saved the top pig. It’s still in the freezer! =)

Game Day – First Game – Arkansas vs. W. Illinois

Saturday, August 30th was the first Razorback Football Game of the season! We had been preparing for it since about February when we got in the lottery for our parking spaces! We need and upgrade and Amanda got us prime parking for the entire year! Parking is important because that’s where we stay ALL DAY LONG – if the game is at 6 pm – we are out the door by 10:30 to head up to tailgate!

Here’s the THSC girls all decked out in our first game, red fineries…
Brittany, Amanda, Ari, Jennifer and me…
After a long day of socializing and what not, it was time for “the circle” this is one of those random traditions that has been around for A LONG TIME! About 30 minutes before we all walk to the game, the fight song starts playing from someones car stereo and we all circle up for Turkey Hill and Boone’s Farm Strawberry. The bottles get passed around until they are empty… This game Brittany finished off the bottle in fine form… There happened to be a side bet going on that none of us were aware of… apparently Zack lost and had to wear a “murse” aka “man purse.” Ari tried to steal it, but not because she was jealous…

Here’s Mike and Kenny laughing about something – they probably can’t even understand each other over the slurred speech act of 2006 but that’s ok – they thought they were funny.

Danielle and Randall did a really good job on faking everyone out to make them think they could stand up straight – all that “gear” is really just part of the balancing act.

Brad has a hammer for some reason – no one knew why, no one locked their keys or their tickets in their car this game, although that did happen once upon a time last year.Here’s Jennifer and Amanda gettin’ all prettied up before walking – 6 hours in the sun and the humidity does a number on your cute outfit!And here’s what it’s all about – HOG FOOTBALL! 2 more months of good times to come!

B-C Wedding

Brad and Jennifer got married on April 19th at the Ozark Mountain Smoke House – it was pretty much the perfect wedding for two really great people.

Ari and her “Little Black Dress Brigade” did all the planning and décor and it was of course beautiful! Sorry for the late post and CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! Of course we wen’t out afterwards and we can’t go the night without doing shots!

one contact to top it off

So the past 36 hours haven’t been that great…

Last night I thought I would be nice and make dinner for Mike, he had a long day of, well doing nothing but still, I thought this would be a great idea. He wanted some turkey steak things we had in the freezer and some Rice-a-roni. I should mention I don’t really read directions and like to make things up as I go which could some day lead to my demise. Anyway, as I have mentioned before, me and Rice-a-roni don’t get along especially with the addition of vermicelli. So in typical fashion of not reading directions I proceeded to create a cheesy mush, I actually didn’t think it was that bad but clearly Mike disagreed. As for the turkey steak things – they can be broiled, so that’s what I thought I was doing, again – WRONG. Once I thought I had things partially under control I went to rest my weary legs and sit down – all of 3 minutes later, we found out the smoke detectors work – REALLY WELL! So after batting the smoke away from the detectors and establishing that nothing was salvageable, we headed to Taco Bell.
I promise I can cook and I really am pretty good at it!

So we move on into today… As I’m getting ready, running late like everyday… really at this point I don’t consider it running late – it’s what I do every day so not that its a pattern I’m just happy to leave on what used to be on time is now EARLY. Anyway, I was getting ready, put my left contact in and I sure thought I put my right contact in – but as the day went on, it was pretty obvious that the right contact in fact did not adhere to my face – boy was that a fun drive home!

There were other annoyances throughout the day, but that’s for another time!

Tonight did get better, got to see Amanda and Cole at Danielle’s house and I managed to make Mike some mac and cheese without burning it or under cooking it or anything! Yay, go me, baby steps…

In other news, Mike’s birthday is on week from Tuesday – on May 20th! Write that down!

The debut of Stick Ari and Maud Crawford – the band…

This past weekend was the debut of Stick Ari! What or who is Stick Ari you might ask? … Great questions. Ari lives in Little Rock so she isn’t here sometimes… so we created Stick Ari to take out with us – if you have 3rd graders it’s much the same theory of Flat Stanley.

As you can see her “lip gloss is poppin.”

Anyway, we went to see Maud Crawford. It was the first time I’d seen them but Zack et al had seen them a few times before. Its one of those bands that was stumbled upon and now I think some people’s schedules are planned around it — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Maud Crawford = Maud Crawford [mawd kraw-ferd]: A) a highly respected lawyer who mysteriously disappeared from her Camden home on March 2, 1957. Crawford’s case was never solved, even after officials scavenged the Ouachita River, tore-up parking lots and ransacked the town in search of her body. It is now known as the most widely publicized unsolved mystery in Arkansas. B) A down-to-earth, solid-hitting, soul-grabbing southern rock band that brings a twist of not only the country and rock classics, but also long-lasting originals, and up-beat cover songs that will guarantee to bring you to your feet. —Although the band’s name may suggest a sudden disappearance, the music of Maud Crawford is destined for survival. And just as you think you have labeled this band, they bring out their original head-banging rock tune “I Tried” and Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen.” —Maud Crawford consciously chooses to perform cover songs that share the down-to-earth edge of their originals. Some of those cover songs include “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young, “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams, “Tuesday’s Gone” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and “Lonesome, On’ry, and Mean” by Waylon Jennings. Live, Maud Crawford carries out intricate harmonies and brings an up- beat, dance-your-heart-out energy to audiences of any age. They have been seen at several venues in Northwest Arkansas and plan to expand their fan-base to rock and country audiences nationwide. —Excerpt from a Biography written by Virginia Wietecha, staff writer for Carroll County News …
Check them out at:

They were really great and I’ll probably make a stong attempt to go see them again!

We got a great picture of all the girls…
On Saturday afternoon, we went to a shower for Cole. Erin hosted a lovely shower. The invites were really cute – the theme was a Garden Hat Party – however it was super cold so no garden and I couldn’t find a sassy hat so… Either way it was fun and Cole got some really great gifts!

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