Preparing for Ice Storm 2010

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Ice Storm of 2009, it’s also the eve of the predicted Ice Storm 2010. The local weather stations are already telling people to be prepared to be without power for 4 – 5 days… I’ve stocked up at the liquor store and figured out a plan of attack on the items in the freezer and refrigerator. The ice cream will get eaten first!

Here are links to my posts during the ice storm last year – be warned – it’s not a pretty sight, me, my dog nor the poor trees on the ground!

June Book Club

Last night I hosted book club for our group, we read Pretty Little Mistakes by Heather McElahtton. It’s a choose your own adventure book, a genre I’ve never heard of, but apparently it’s a tween thing to do. I’ve already been asked if we’re going to read Dungeons and Dragons next = no! It was a good book nonetheless and I think everyone had a great time reading it.

For dinner I made a veggie lasagna using the Cooking Light recipe, a watermelon arugula salad, pita pesto chips and a peanut butter cup chocolate cake. I must say, for my first lasagna, it was pretty good. The salad was AMAZING! Check it out for sure!

It’s the Great Cupcake!!!

You’ve heard of the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown??? Well, this is soooo much better – it’s the Great Cupcake! I got this fabulous new toy today at Williams Sonoma – I love that store so much. I’ve threatened on many occasion to register there even though I’m not getting married or having a baby and even when I do have a baby – I may truly register at WS. I mean really, the kid and baby daddy will have to eat right?

I can’t wait to make a Great Cupcake Cake!

Also, for those keeping up, my PB Cup Chocolate Cake was a hit – or so I heard.

Peanut Butter Cup & Chocolate Cake

Tonight I made a PB Cup & Chocolate Cake for Mike – hopefully it will help cheer him up. I don’t really like peanut butter mix in stuff – I like Reese’s PB cups and Reese’s Concretes from Shakey’s but not really things like PB cookies and stuff. But hopefully he will like it. Here is what it’s supposed to look like – my cake is still too hot to frost so I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how mine turns out…

one contact to top it off

So the past 36 hours haven’t been that great…

Last night I thought I would be nice and make dinner for Mike, he had a long day of, well doing nothing but still, I thought this would be a great idea. He wanted some turkey steak things we had in the freezer and some Rice-a-roni. I should mention I don’t really read directions and like to make things up as I go which could some day lead to my demise. Anyway, as I have mentioned before, me and Rice-a-roni don’t get along especially with the addition of vermicelli. So in typical fashion of not reading directions I proceeded to create a cheesy mush, I actually didn’t think it was that bad but clearly Mike disagreed. As for the turkey steak things – they can be broiled, so that’s what I thought I was doing, again – WRONG. Once I thought I had things partially under control I went to rest my weary legs and sit down – all of 3 minutes later, we found out the smoke detectors work – REALLY WELL! So after batting the smoke away from the detectors and establishing that nothing was salvageable, we headed to Taco Bell.
I promise I can cook and I really am pretty good at it!

So we move on into today… As I’m getting ready, running late like everyday… really at this point I don’t consider it running late – it’s what I do every day so not that its a pattern I’m just happy to leave on what used to be on time is now EARLY. Anyway, I was getting ready, put my left contact in and I sure thought I put my right contact in – but as the day went on, it was pretty obvious that the right contact in fact did not adhere to my face – boy was that a fun drive home!

There were other annoyances throughout the day, but that’s for another time!

Tonight did get better, got to see Amanda and Cole at Danielle’s house and I managed to make Mike some mac and cheese without burning it or under cooking it or anything! Yay, go me, baby steps…

In other news, Mike’s birthday is on week from Tuesday – on May 20th! Write that down!

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