chicken fingers = tasty

so…. I love chicken fingers, or chicken tenders, whatever you want to call them. Yes they are a simple food, but always a good standby when I don’t like anything else on the menu. The best kind are the ones with lots of crunchy breading. Grubb’s has some of the best! And in fact, the Wal-Mart deli used to have some good ones, not so much any more. They are good comfort food with gravy too! Back in my fat days – like last week… actually more like a few years ago, my friend Diana and I would get chicken tenders and gravy in the cafeteria at work on particullary bad days – they always made us feel better for a bit.
Mike makes fun of me because for my love of chicken fingers.

It’s crappy weather today – we’re under a tornado warning the rest of the afternoon. After the Saturday morning meeting at work, I went to have “mini spa day” with Lynn and Bridget. Sorry, no pictures – I had my camera but never took a picture. oh well, maybe next time.
I was glad to get a new pedicure because the one from last week was pretty rough – I picked a new color which I thought looked pretty – it wasn’t, it turned out to be ghetto gold. Now my toes are back to a pretty hooker red which I feel is always a good choice.
I went to Hobby Lobby to get some AWESOME decor for Melanie’s up coming baby shower. However I can’t say much more about that in the hopes that she actually reads this – the guest of honor can’t know everything that is going on. hehe

On another note, as we watched the news last night, breaking news flashed that a local bank, in which I store a measly amount of money essentially went bankrupt. I assuming under FDIC rules and stuff, my small sum of money is OK. I can only hope that my car loan was dissolved….

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