Rubber Band Man and Holy Jeans

Friday, Big Un’s played at George’s happy hour. I ventured out early with my mom to make sure we got a table for when we weren’t dancing. The weekend also played host to the Dickson Street Music Festival, so parking was disastrous! We ended up parking behind the Bakery Building which is about 3 blocks from George’s, not too bad… Earlier in the day, I had gone to Maca and bought new jeans and I was really excited about my sassy new jeans. As always, I had on high heels which normally I don’t have any issue walking in – AT ALL!

However, Friday was different. As we were walking down a side road by the Walton Arts Center, my heel caught in a crack in the side walk and BAM! down I fell. All I can remember thinking was “no, don’t let your face hit the concrete!” and my hand was in my purse strap so my knee hit first and it hit hard. So hard in fact that it ripped a hole in my brand new jeans. And I scuffed the toe on my shoe too. I got up and brushed my self off and checked out the blood running down my leg… and hobbled on to George’s where the bar tender proceeded to laugh his ass off as he helped bandge me up and grab us a beer!

So, after a few beers, I was ready to dance. Zack, Aaron, Brittany, Deborah, (Brittany’s Mom) Amanda, Kenny and Marty were there too. Everyone had a big time with Big Un’s! Mike came later on and danced with me too, which was good because I was getting tired of dancing by myself.

Shooter Jennings was playing on the out door stage and we had a great listening locale on the back patio of George’s.

One of the highlights of a Big Un’s show is Deborah’s signature song “Rubber Band Man.” I’m sure there is story, I don’t know it though. Someone brought in a bag of extra large rubberbands so we all had flair to accompiny our stellar dance moves. It should be noted that Darrin Ray, the lead singer of Big Un’s is Deborah’s brother…
Here’s an “artistic” photo of the evening and the Rubber Band Man dance.

After Happy Hour, we went to Grubb’s, sat on the patio, drank more beer and listened to .38 Special and ate some tasty food. We went back to Zack’s and played some Rock Band. While at Grubb’s I cut my hand on my sassy jeans – one of the rivets had come loose and the pointed part was clearly out to get me!

All in all, even with the injuries, it was a great night! Big Un’s doesn’t play HH again until July, hopefully we’ll get to catch them before then!

click next…

I thought it would be a fun and inspiring experiment to click the “next” button on the blogger dashboard… Here’s some interesting things I found as well as some other stuff worth thinking about.

  • there are a lot of blogs en espanol! no hablo!!! je cependant parle français
  • check out this cool picture – take note – I want this shot, when and if I ever get married, sans the brown hair
  • I LOVE baby piglets!!!

  • people (including me) need better photography skills
  • Lindsey has some competition with Little Snails and Pony Tails…
  • great quote: “Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue. Be the PIGEON!”
  • a bunch of if’s – if Mike had a Wimerimer (he hates them), if Mike had a really bad hair cut (which he does not) and if Mike had really poor taste in decor, not sure about that one, I don’t think so but who would ever know? THIS WOULD BE TRUE…
  • someone named their child Korde, eh… but I do like the name Finn
  • is not as cool as it should be neither is
  • i’m sad that i already know that mike won’t be here on my birthday
  • i’m really tired of watching how candy is made – it’s all the same – damn unwrapped!
  • i’m so very ready to go back to VEGAS and can’t wait to go to NYC in December although not ready to skip spring and summer
  • there is some tacky ass jewelry hawked on TV – STAY AWAY!
  • Michelle needs to check out, make her own blog and post her way better stuff!!!
  • someone’s typical day is swimming, Wal-Mart and bridge… AWESOME!
  • there are some super cute puppies and some not so cute kids – yes I know I’m probably now destined to have not so cute kids – please lie to me, but don’t dare say they are happy babies!
  • there is a blog dedicated to the weather patterns in KC – it’s always f-ing COLD!!! there blogdone luvbye!
  • drug court with Judge Gunn is on public access tonight (it may be on every night actually)- anyway… some one actually came up to my mom the other night at dinner and told her that they were watching aforementioned “show” and that they saw “billy” (former student) on drug court – for reals? that just happened! Don’t be on drug court because this person WILL see you, she WILL tell my mom…
  • there is a baby girl name Lochlan – too close to the Lochness monster… bad idea YOU MUST THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS how will names come back to haunt your teenage daughter?

So that pretty much wraps it up – musings for the evening. I think that was a fun and productive test of personality!

Quit being a damn baby WORKFORCE!

So maybe I’m bitter because I don’t have a job in theory, or maybe I happen to be working with some odd balls? But I definitely feel compelled to share a few observations. Much like “What Not To Wear” please read “How not to act at work” or Quit being a damn baby WORKFORCE!
I know I act totally different at work than I do outside of work, but honestly, is it that hard?

FYI, playing poor pitiful me in front of a group of your peers gets you no where – or at least it shouldn’t. Yes, it is true that no one is indispensable and everyone can be replaced at any time (they why the F aren’t they?) However, there is no reason to feel like the world owes you something in your personal or professional life – keep those separate by the way.
If you receive a compliment (great) – say Thank You! Stop. Do not say anything else, quips such as “well, I try” or “well, if only…” again – Thank You! Stop.
It’s one of the most un-nerving situations in the world to be in the middle of a meeting and people ramble on about how sad and sorrowful they’ve been working on a project and all the trials and tribulations it’s caused on them and their families and people that don’t even know them. It’s your job, that’s why it’s called WORK!!!
NEVER throw your hands up and say “that ain’t my job” or “I wasn’t in charge of that.” Just DON’T
While I’m on it – Please use PROPER ENGLISH GRAMMAR! No matter what setting you are in, emailing, on the phone, passing in the hall way – SPEAK/Type CORRECTLY! There are always exceptions to this – colloquial language is a great thing, it’s what makes us who we are and keeps our heritage alive. However, slang and text type and colloquialisms are not work appropriate.

Ok, class, that concludes todays crazy…tune in for more crazy at a later time

Hell Yeah it’s About the T-shirt

That was our internal slogan for our Race Committee this year – but it quickly gained popularity …

  • One t-shirt (registration fee) pays for one mammogram
  • 4 t-shirts pays for an over night visit at the hospital
  • 15 t-shirts pay for a lumpectomy
  • the list goes on – so yes… Hell YEAH, it’s about the t-shirt

This year’s race is over and it was a sucess! A few hiccups but not overt drama. The weather was beautiful! A bit chilly but over all not too cold.

There were over 15,000 participants and over all more than $950,000 was raised. Not quite the million we had as our goal, however, donations are still rolling in so it’s a good bet that goal will be reached in a couple of weeks!

There are some great pictures from the Race – check out the links to the right! Here are a couple 1) Jennifer and Me – Jennifer was my Wal-Mart co-chair – I couldn’t ask for anyone better to work with! 2) me and my parents

I can’t wait to do it all again next week – but I am ready for a little down time.

Next years race is Saturday, April 25th! Mark your calendars!

Race Day is almost here!!!

As many of you know, I am the chair person for the Wal-Mart Race for the Cure team. It’s a great honor and really exciting, but a LOT of work. We have over 2,200 people on our team this year which is well above our goal of 1,800 – a great way to kick off my first leadership season! We also have donated over $100,000!!!

The race is this Saturday (4/19) and I’m ready for it to be over. As much fun as I have had, I need bring this race to an end! That way we can start planning for next year’s race hehehe…
If, for some reason, you didn’t participate in the Race this year, NEVER FEAR! There are multiple opportunities for you get involved with the fight against Breast Cancer. Early fall, we will have our second annual Pink Trash Ball at George’s again – YAY!
Here is a list of other events coming up soon! For more information, visit

Save the Date
April 18
Pasta Party

April 19
Komen Ozark Race for
the Cure

April 20
Try It On for the Cure
Coldwater Creek, Promenade in Rogers

May 3, 2008
The Woodhouse Spa
Grand Opening Event @ 6pm

June 4, 2008
Dine for the Cure
Abuelo’s Mexican Embassy
Rogers, AR

June 6-8, 2008
Pitch for the Cure

job update – wait there isn’t one…

yeah well that pretty much sums it up.

However, I’ve stayed EXTREMELY busy with Race for the Cure, so it might really a good thing I don’t have a job but still have all the resources at “work” to use. I now have added “stellar GAP-style t-shirt folder” to my resume after folding the Wal-Mart team shirts for the Race – I have 2,200 people on my team, so that’s quite a large amount of shirts. I’m really excited about how well our Race campaign went this year, we beat our participation goal by 100%!!!

I hope to hear something about the project management team lead this week (so that ends tomorrow…)I actually have remained pretty positive and really do believe I’ll be “taken care of.”
Anyway, thanks to everyone who is concerned and thinking about me and praying for me – I need it and I sure know it helps. I’m confident it will all work out – but as everyone is well aware – I’m not all that patient so …HURRY UP ALREADY!

New Kids on the Block

Oh Yeah! NKOTB is back!

Tune in to the Today Show on May 16th for their first live performance!!! And don’t worry – I’ll make sure and post the tour dates!

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