Fabulous Friday!

Friday is always oh so fabulous but this on is especially fabulous because it’s been one heck of a week!
So the goings on are…

  • there is apparently a dancing albino Scottish pony troupe in town… probably won’t attend that but ya know… maybe some one will – if you do – please let me know how that one goes.
  • Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boy’s will be making a 2nd appearance at George’s Majestic Lounge Saturday night… and we will miss it for the 2nd time
  • Drumline is at the WAC
  • OZARK POETS AND WRITERS COLLECTIVE: Begins its 15th year featuring local, regional and national wordsmiths and providing an open mic for community writers. Readings are held at 7 p.m. the last Tuesday of every month at Nightbird Books in Fayetteville. Admission is free, but a hat is passed to support the artist and to defray expenses for the monthly event. The open mic is limited to four minutes for each performer. 443-2080 – this could be super fun!
  • The Hogs take on Auburn – dear goodness please let us win a game…

Those are a few of the things happening, for more info check here (Fayetteville Free Weekly) or here (Fayetteville Flyer).

Friday:Arsaga’s Crossover: Scott HarrisonBoom Boom Room: Elise Davis BandFroggy’s: Randy Crouch, 1 oz. Jig, Ringo Alcoa BandGeorge’s: Lucero, Cory Branan, Eoff Brothers, FOS Project,Goodfolk: WheatfieldGypsy: Joey Farr and the Fuggins Wheat Band, TastebudsSmoke & Barrel: Lucio’s Grown FolksSpeakeasy: DJ GregTangerine: DJ JuxTeatro Scarpino: Salsa/Swing DancingWalton Arts Center: Drumline

Saturday:Arsaga’s Crossover: The Philly JoesArsaga’s Gregg: Scotty WaltersBoom Boom Room: Bob Kramer IncidentFroggy’s: Black Water, Bombay BlackGeorge’s: Mixmaster MikeGypsy: Pope County Bootleggers and Deadman FlatsSmoke & Barrel: Matt Smith and GuestsSoul: JazzSpeakeasy: DJ GregTangerine: DJ JuxTeatro Scarpino: 70’s Dance Night

Sunday:Common Grounds: Nathan Hancock, DJ SoulFreeDickson Theater: Drag ShowGeorge’s: Ben Miller BandGoodfolk: Eliza GilkysonGypsy: The Bling Grenades, The Inner Party, Lethal Red, AugerPesto Cafe: Shannon WurstWalton Arts Center: Brian Regan


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