Welcome to the Gracies!

I’m doing a lot of projects that revolve around Internet search terms so I thought I search myself – this is the coolest thing I found! The Gracie Awards – named for Gracie Allen… “Say Goodnight Gracie.” I’ve attached the link below so you can find out more about it as well!

For 57 years, AWRT has served as the voice and resource for women in the electronic media. And for more than three decades, the Foundation of AWRT has been a leader in celebrating and honoring programming created for women, by women and about women, as well as individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the industry. The Gracies strive to encourage the realistic and faceted portrayal of women in entertainment, commercials, news, features and other programs.

And here’s what I would look like if I were an award… I think it needs a bit more sparkles, but it’ll do! =)Other sites I found were:
www.graciefilms.com – producing the Simpson’s – I always love when the Simpson’s is over because I love the tag line for the Product Company!
www.goodnitegracie.com – a jazz and martini bar trio in Michigan… who knew??


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