Water Update

Again this morning, I have my full 2 liter jug thing of water filled to the brim ready to be consumed throughout the day. I noticed that everyone seemed to be congregating around the fridge, so I stuck my head out my pod fully expecting to see Jared Leto or someone because their commotion warranted some Jared Leto… nope – they were all staring at my jug of water with cucumbers and lemons in it. It’s really not that strange looking. I’d take a picture of it but then they’d know it’s mine and at this point I’m not ready to reveal that. They were all freaking out about who it belongs to… “who’s is that?” “who has time to make that?” “what’s in that?” “I bet its some super diet water…” seriously that went on for about 10 minutes – all with the fridge door wide open…

Well it’s mine, ladies – I have time to make it because I get to work early and have all the ingredients prechopped in a bag and dump them in the jug and fill with water – not so much time consuming, definitely not as time consuming as standing there in a group gawking at it.

I’m wanting to find something super weird to put in the fridge tomorrow to keep the onlookers further entertained and intrigued – I will soon become the woman of mysterious fridge finds… stay tuned!


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  1. hahaha..that’s a pretty funny idea…you could have a contest at the end of the year to guess who teh mystery fridge person is!

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