I’ve been robbed … already … at 8:26 in the am on a MONDAY!

I am pissed!
This morning I made this cucumber water stuff that I read about last week on “le petite blog.” I bought enough supplies for a weeks worth with the thought of slicing and dicing the ingredients before coming to work and mixing it up in a little container to keep in the fridge not 10 yards from my desk. I was very successful in actually dragging my fat ass out of bed this morning, running 2 miles, doing my weights and abs AND had time to shower (bonus for you!) and cut up my concoction – I even put my make up on at home rather than in the car … and drum roll… I was AT WORK at 7:15.

So… I made my drink mix while my oatmeal was heating -I was super industrious this morning.
About 10 minutes ago I hear someone (whom I don’t care for) say “who’s cucumber crap is that” – it’s a shared fridge – I have no problem with vegetable water occupying it -much better than the stinky sour kraut that was in there last week (not mine). Then I got up to get a refill on the oh so tasty***sarcasm*** water – HALF GONE!!! The lovely questioner from 10 minutes prior decided to help herself…
REALLY? REALLY? (thanks Seth and Amy for that sketch)


3 thoughts on “I’ve been robbed … already … at 8:26 in the am on a MONDAY!

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  1. That is SOOOO terrible!!! You should put a little label on it that says “Caution: contains perscription medication, please do not drink” hehe
    Here’s to hoping your next batch stays your own! And kudos to you for having such a productive morning!

  2. Who does that?? you could spike the next batch with laxatives and I bet that would put an end to any stealing of other’s food REAL quick.

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