House Warming to Waffle House… and everything in between!!!

It was a crazy busy weekend!
Saturday morning I woke up and went for a brisk run with Presley. When I got back home I attempted make Hog game watching plans, which at this point in the season is more like beer drinking plans, as the Hogs aren’t going to win… we’ve accepted that, it’s a “rebuilding” year.
Anyway, before the game I was going to head up to Benton county to check out some sales with Michelle. On the way, I got flat tire! BOOOOOO! So there I was, in my cute little game watching outfit, consisting of my new tall brown boots that I actually wore over my jeans and my little hog t-shirt and my tight jeans – NOT at all the proper attire to be standing on the side of the interstate to change a tire! But no one, I repeat NO ONE stopped to help me – I’m pretty sure I do not look like an axe murderer, but I guess I’m wrong. So, by golly, I just got out and changed the tire my damn self! I really did it – I was very proud of my self. I rewarded said victory with a mini shopping spree at the Promenade – YAY me!

I finally made it back to Fayetteville about the beginning of the 2nd quarter of the game – I met up with Allison and Ryan and lots of Ryan’s friends – that neither Allison nor I knew. Allison was decked out in her Auburn Orange and we just sat and chatted about everything while the game went on without us – and by us I mean not only us two ladies, but without the Hogs as well – we suck. We suck so much that the announcer didn’t even realize that Nathan Dick was in the game to replace Casey Dick – yes, don’t even get me started on the fact that we have the brothers’ quarterback. much like the brothers’ Grimm, the Dick boys might be better at writing fairy tales than playing football. There was an almost brawl on the field – that was fun – we got to yell at Steve Spurrier though the magic of tivo over and over again.

After too many Bush Lights – hey now, they were free – with all the tire drama I didn’t make it to the beer store to buy more appropriate beverages. Thanks for the beer Ryan – I owe you! I went home to take a much needed nap.

That evening, KC and Joe (aka Johnny and June from Halloween) had a house warming party for their new home! I LOVE their house, it’s just fabulous. It’s in the historic park area and they are both so talented and have superb taste in decorating! I couldn’t stay long though, Staci and I had a 30th birthday party to attend! That one got a post all to herself… see below! So we headed north to Benton county for my second time in one day!

Staci and I came back to Fayetteville to do our own celebrating on Dickson Street – so we headed out in below freezing weather in our cocktail dresses, too tall shoes and fake eyelashes because at that point in the binge drinking that seemed TOTALLY appropriate! It was a blast – or so I was told. It apparently was so good, that we ended up at Waffle House! I can not even recall the last time I was at WH – it’s been over a year I’m quite sure.

Like I said, it was a super crazy busy weekend, but it was all a lot of fun – however, only fun I can inflict upon myself and my liver maybe once a quarter…


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