I love Global Warming

Ok, so that may be a bit harsh, overly dramatic and probably greatly offends my uber-hippie parents. But have you met me (or at least read my blog)! But seriously, I’m so over winter and it ain’t even really winter yet for more than a month! GROSS! I hate the cold, I hate the rain.

MZ loves the cold – brrrrrrr – I only like to wear his over size jackets and sweat pants, which I know, I should quit doing, but they are so comfy! I do like being able to have a great excuse to cuddle up on the couch and watch movies because it’s too cold to venture out, but eventually, we will both go stir crazy. So I’m slowly, VERY slowly getting better about it, but not too fast mind you.

There really is nothing that is good about this weather! It hurts my skin, it dries out my contacts, my dog even hates it! It adds to the fact that I’m going to potentially gain back the weight I have lost because I come home and immediately put on fuzzy sweat pants which of course have elastic waist bands – if you’re trying to lose weight – get rid of all elastic waist bands NOW, they help you not, it’s a false sense of hope – no one ever says “yeah, but I can totally still fit into my sweatpants I wore in college on Sundays when I was trying to find the remains of my liver swimming in the Vodka bottle and inhale as much taco bell as possible” – Have you gotten rid of your sweats yet? I’m also pretty sure it contributes to my future in skin cancer. I get so cold and miserable, that at lunch sometimes I go and nap in the tanning bed – best 20 minutes of the day for sure!

I’ll let winter hang out during the Christmas season – it’s nice for about 2 weeks, cozy and what not and then it should be back to Patio Weather! The cooler weather is nice for the occasional tailgate and football game – but home football games are over here in Arkansas so there goes that theory!

But until this happens – winter can kiss my toasty tanning bed ass!


2 thoughts on “I love Global Warming

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  1. Since I’m new to this blog: When you say MZ (I know its your bf) all I can think of is The Miz from Real World. So I think of your boyfriend hooked on roids and screaming at people while he wears a big parka and makes snowballs.

  2. Yeah, I see the correlation of the name – however I’m pretty sure anything else similar stops right about…HERE… I need a new name for him… any suggestions? He has other nicknames, but those belong to other people. And me calling him BABY with an emphasis on the last syllable doesn’t sit so well in writing, much better reserved for statements!

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