A few of the things I am Thankful For

1. The things my mother has somewhat unknowingly taught me-kindness and carin, going the extra step and doing the little things to make other people smile.
2. My father’s humor, wit, and sarcasm. That I always be his friend, not just his daughter
3.Presley – the smartest dog in the world and my best confidant – she can’t talk back to me and never judges me, and she runs slow when she knows I’m tired and fast when we’re almost to the end of the road.
4. Happy friends who always share their happy lives with me
5. My friends babies, who although precious and sweet, may very well be the best form of birth control available.
6. Wine and Vodka, although not mixed.
7. Chocolate!
8. My great groups of girlfriends that are so fabulous, lovely and classy and who care for me like family, who are comfortable enough to call me out when needed, cry with me when the drama gets too out of control and hold my hair if I puke.
9. All the friends I’ve made this past year with all the new happenings in my life.
10. My new job – that I was lucky enough and persistent enough to keep my head up this past summer when things weren’t looking too good.
11. Razorback Tailgating and all it’s glory!
12. MZ – he’s a great boyfriend (of course) but he’s a great ally and friend to me and wonderful support not only for me but also for his family and friends whenever they need him. AND he puts up with all my crazy!

addendum to the thankful list – I’m thankful that my parents are who they are and are still together after all these years. I know there are many of you out there who are also thankful for your parents the love they have for you and your own special relationship. So no matter your inspiration for thoughts and words of thanks – remember what it’s really all about.

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