Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

I sure hope everyone has had a wonderful Turkey Day!
I’ve had a great day aside from almost burning down MZ’s parents house, but hey, ya know – is it really a holiday meal with out a little fire drama?

I also had a very enlightening conversation with my aunts, uncles and parents about tarantulas.Then when MZ and I had to leave said first make-shift family gathering to which we weren’t technically even invited (and knew nothing about nor the fact that my aunts and uncles were even IN TOWN) so that we could make it to MZ’s parents house on time -as we were actually invited and welcomed there – my aunt thought it should be her duty to tell my mother (and everyone else) why we had to leave and why their dinner was an hour late – even though my mother was sitting right there in the room…

AHHHHHHHHH, family for the holidays!

I’m becoming a hermit till Patio Drinkin’ Season…

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