Happy Birthday Cheryl

This past weekend, we celebrated Cheryl’s 30th birthday! It was great party and of course Cheryl looked FABULOUS! This is one of the few parties where this group has been together where no one was pregnant, pretty much everyone farmed their children out for the entire night and since the party was at a hotel bar, you can only imagine how that worked out = lots of crazy drunk parents!

I’ve known Cheryl for about 8 years. We met when she moved to Fayetteville from Dallas and worked at Bath and Body Works with me. She and I actually didn’t get along at first… but we both got over that! =) She was part of our super fun group of girls that went out too much and had WAY too much fun. She was one of the few that were supportive of me when I up and moved to Dallas. Now she is a an awesome mother of two perfect little girls and also has a wondeful marriage – one most everyone should try to aspire to have! She has led our girls Bible study group for many years and has really been a solid bond within our group of friends! I am always amazed at her energy and her spirit and her fabulous style!


I must also share with you my shoes I wore just for Cheryl – I knew she would totally appreciate them!!!! You’ll have to imagine them with a black and silver accented flower rather than the all white and black straps. Actually, there were quite a few picture taken just of my shoes, but they have yet to surface.


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