Office Ettiquette: Bitch of the Day

So I’m pretty short – it must have been the milk man because everyone else in my family is 5’10” or above – me – I lie about being 5’4” on my drivers license. Therefore, I almost ALWAYS can be found in heels. I also walk pretty fast, so you can imagine I click click click down the hallway. It’s ok, I always say “well, you may not see me coming but you sure can hear me!” I love to say this in my most Southern Sweet drawl whenever I get glared at by passersby.

Anyway, with this in mind, I was walking toward a meeting, making my way through the corridors and there were two women walking side by side in front of me. Very sl_o_o_o_wly…We have a weird complex – its 3 “towers” that were all built in totally different decades by way different designers and they are connected by very weird hallways, some wide some narrow… which makes people think they can walk side by side by side down the hallways!
SO back to the point, I really wish people would be more considerate of those behind them, there is no need to walk through the halls aimlessly and chic chat – you should have some place to go, and if you don’t get out the way, becasue I do!
Don’t you know who I think I am?


2 thoughts on “Office Ettiquette: Bitch of the Day

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  1. I feel the same way with people! It’s so annoying… it’s the same feeling I get when I’m driving and there are 2 lanes and people are driving right next to each other going really slow. Ugh… I wish people were more considerate!

  2. I HATE SLOW WALKERS!!!!!!! I walk fast everywhere and it pisses me off when people dawdle around slowly in front of me. I just want to push them!!

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