Thursday Night what-nots…

Rick Astley won some sort of what not award at the MTV Europe award! ROCK!!!

And in other news – I’ve have a SHITTY SHIT-tAy week! So, my new good buddy Allison pulled me (all but physically) out of the house and we all went to Theo’s for drinks and other whatnots including playing fashion police!

Here are the quotes of the night, both from Allison soon to be Mrs. De’Jay!

“There is now a small country that is out of bleach.” RE: a VERY blonde gal- too much blonde even for me – and, well, that’s hard to do! HA!

“There’s so much crotch showing in this bar, honey, no one’s even noticed your bow!” RE: said shirt dress/shirt-without-tights gal who asked if her bow was tied straight – NO ONE CARES! No one noticed – except me… I’ll take one eating disorder please…

I really wish I would have thought of those! Genius I tell you, genius!

My only quote of the night, all I could muster was – damn it! there’s beef on my Mexican pizza – and if you defer back to a very first post of mine – I do LOVE my Mexican pizza with no meat (cow, moo – whatever works for the drive thru operator) NOR red sauce from Taco Hell. If you need a refresher on that, check out the link to a very first post of mine – just click on the hyper link thingy!
It was a good night… I’m very glad Allison took me out!
And alas – I have an 8:30 (yes in the morning) presentation with some uber important people – I hereby call it a night early… BOO!
Happy Friday to all!!!

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