Final Tailgate of the year: Arkansas vs. Tulsa

This past week end was the final home game in Arkansas, this means the final tail gate. It was a short tail gate and pretty calm as well since most of us were still hanging over from the previous nights’ Halloween Party. I made chili but it was pretty warm out side so it wasn’t a great occasion to eat piping hot chili – I was super bummed, but oh well…

A special guest appearance by the king him self was a fun surprise – actually we have no idea who he belonged to, but it was amusing watching him try to catch a football.

The really good “last tail gate” was last weekend and has it’s own dedicated post below.
Here’s to a good season of tail gating, no so much a good football season, but it was great that the HOGS actually won this weekend beating Tulsa in a really good game. The bigger football news of the weekend was that Texas LOST – ha! They got beat by Texas Tech. That was super fun to watch especially with a mixed crowd!


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