Pink Ribbon Luncheon

Thursday, October 2nd was the 11th annual Pink Ribbon Luncheon of Northwest Arkansas. Each October, over 500 people gather in support of everything that Komen Ozark stands for and does for the fight against Breast Cancer. This year was no different. Christine Clifford was the guest speaker and really energized the crowd with her humor and positive outlook on life and being a 14 year survivor! I got to see some of my friends from Walmart that were on my race committee when I worked at the home office! I’m selfishly hoping that my record from last year of 2200 racers from the home office and over 1 million in donations stays standing at the top for quite some time. But I know the team this year will do everything possible to beat my record, especially since I can guarantee some stiff competition from Tyson (since I’m there now)! Yep, that’s a dare! hehe

There was a great display from Brighton and some other stores in the area who support Komen on a national basis. I loved this display: I’m so honored and proud to be part of such an amazing cause! The fight against Breast Cancer translates into the fight for the cure to cancer in general. I have been affected by so many types of cancer in my family and group of friends – I know there is a cure and I know it will be found with in my life time!

I’d love to eventually work for the National Affiliate – so if anyone from Komen National reads this (or if anyone feels obliged to pass it on) PLEASE PLEASE do so!
My Resume is ready!


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