Pink Ribbon Luncheon

Thursday, October 2nd was the 11th annual Pink Ribbon Luncheon of Northwest Arkansas. Each October, over 500 people gather in support of everything that Komen Ozark stands for and does for the fight against Breast Cancer. This year was no different. Christine Clifford was the guest speaker and really energized the crowd with her humor and positive outlook on life and being a 14 year survivor! I got to see some of my friends from Walmart that were on my race committee when I worked at the home office! I’m selfishly hoping that my record from last year of 2200 racers from the home office and over 1 million in donations stays standing at the top for quite some time. But I know the team this year will do everything possible to beat my record, especially since I can guarantee some stiff competition from Tyson (since I’m there now)! Yep, that’s a dare! hehe

There was a great display from Brighton and some other stores in the area who support Komen on a national basis. I loved this display: I’m so honored and proud to be part of such an amazing cause! The fight against Breast Cancer translates into the fight for the cure to cancer in general. I have been affected by so many types of cancer in my family and group of friends – I know there is a cure and I know it will be found with in my life time!

I’d love to eventually work for the National Affiliate – so if anyone from Komen National reads this (or if anyone feels obliged to pass it on) PLEASE PLEASE do so!
My Resume is ready!

Pink Trash Ball

It was a great success! Tons of fun, tons of people and TONS of PINK!!!
There are some really great pictures here: Pink Trash Ball 2008 pictures
If you ever need a photographer in Northwest Arkansas – Eric is your guy! Go the above linked site for his info!
Here’s pictures of me and Mike and me and mom… as well as some other great shots from the event!

It was a success once again this year! Thanks for everyone who came out partied hard for an amazing cause! I can’t wait to do it again next year!!!


Please come out to help TRASH BREAST CANCER at the 2nd annual Pink Trash Ball – 9pm Friday night, September 19th @ George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville. Ultra Suede will play all night long and there will be prizes for “best dressed!” So get out your 1980’s prom dresses and your early 90’s headbands, and come out for a fabulous night to benefit a great local cause – the Ozark Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Tickets are $25 per person and can be purchased directly from or at the door as well. Hope to see you all there. For more information please call ME directly or the Komen Office at 479.750.PINK!

Things I believe in…

    This is a totally random list of things that I think are important in life

    – for me.

    They may not be for everyone, but hey, this is MY blog…

  • always sending thank you notes
  • being on time
  • planning ahead
  • … but still leaving room for spontaneity aka drama!
  • celebrating birthdays in a big way, any year every year
  • don’t give a gift you wouldn’t like to receive yourself … or buy for yourself
  • having a signature piece of flair
  • parties should always have a theme
  • Tailgating, even if you don’t go to the game, it’s ok to plan that from the beginning too
  • I was baking cupcakes before cupcakes were cool!
  • love at first site probably does exist but most of us are all too silly to realize it
  • what alcohol can’t cure, shopping can
  • you should be well versed enough to cuss someone out with actually cussing and without them really knowing you are
  • you should expirement in the kitchen – Taco Bell is pretty much always open if you burn something – that gives plenty of time to air out the house while you are gone too.
  • VOTE!!!
  • you should have a dog before you have children
  • yes, you really can relate everything in life to any number of episodes of Sex and the City!
  • babies and husbands do NOT make you complete, nor do your friends have to like them, they are both fulfilling and wonderful but not the only answer to a perfect life
  • no one has the perfect life
  • everyone has a 6th or even 7th sense to know when something is not right with you or with your friends – USE IT!
  • be loud, it normally works out well
  • there is always something to watch on Food Network and the History Channel
  • baking for someone is always appreciated
  • ghosts really do exist
  • Catholic School is a good thing!
  • you should always have TWO books in mind in case you are ever asked what’s the last book you read
  • the limb you’re out on… it might break, no matter how high up you are
  • you don’t have to buy something off the registry if you don’t want to, just make sure your gift is great
  • wrapping is part of the gift
  • always give to local charities
  • we should try to fix our own country before we try to save the world
  • Karma is HUGE and it will kick you ass – there are different kinds of Karma, I’ve learned parking karma at work from Nancy, Liz and I strive to achieve the highest level of dog karma
  • shopping in each others closets is one of the best ideas we’ve ever had
  • no matter what religion you are, you should read The Bible – that’s on my list of things to do – I admire my mother for having done this multiple times
  • Your true friends will always be there for you no matter what, men will not be so make sure your man is your best friend!

Wine Tasting 2008

Saturday night we went to the annual Art of Wine Event at the Walton Arts Center! It’s so much fun and we knew alot of people there. There were about 45 stations each had about 10 kinds of wine – you do the math – that’s ALOT of wine for one night. There were also some local resturants that had samples of their tasty delights as well! I’m not really a wine drinker per say – I like the really sweet stuff like Reisling and Moscato! They were well represented and I definately drank my share! I did get to try some new brands and some good favorites and now I’ll be a bit more educated at the liquor store. Here’s me and Mike, below is Heather, me and Stephanie.

Hell Yeah it’s About the T-shirt

That was our internal slogan for our Race Committee this year – but it quickly gained popularity …

  • One t-shirt (registration fee) pays for one mammogram
  • 4 t-shirts pays for an over night visit at the hospital
  • 15 t-shirts pay for a lumpectomy
  • the list goes on – so yes… Hell YEAH, it’s about the t-shirt

This year’s race is over and it was a sucess! A few hiccups but not overt drama. The weather was beautiful! A bit chilly but over all not too cold.

There were over 15,000 participants and over all more than $950,000 was raised. Not quite the million we had as our goal, however, donations are still rolling in so it’s a good bet that goal will be reached in a couple of weeks!

There are some great pictures from the Race – check out the links to the right! Here are a couple 1) Jennifer and Me – Jennifer was my Wal-Mart co-chair – I couldn’t ask for anyone better to work with! 2) me and my parents

I can’t wait to do it all again next week – but I am ready for a little down time.

Next years race is Saturday, April 25th! Mark your calendars!

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