Palin Point Counter Point

Oh geez… well most of you know my severe “distaste” for Sarah Palin, but I found this on one of the blogs I read and, well I have to hand it to them, lots of fun ideas – if you like that sort of thing.

The drink menu is really creative. Palin-tinis, Alsasa-tinis, Baraccuda-tinis, Lipstick-tinis, Hockeymom-o-politans.

They also made shirts for the mini Palin-ites that say “Pig Tails for Palin.”

Please don’t make one of these, I beg you, for a number of reasons – it’s tacky AND Palin is not running for President…


and in other news…..
Tina Fey ‘leaving Earth’ if Palin wins
Actress has had fun with impersonation on ‘SNL,’ but can’t do four years news services
updated 11:53 a.m. CT, Mon., Oct. 13, 2008

Tina Fey is generating big laughs and big audiences for “Saturday Night Live” with her impersonation of Gov. Sarah Palin, but the actress hopes it doesn’t last.
“We’re gonna take it week by week. If she wins, I’m done,” Fey tells TV Guide in the Oct. 20 issue. “I can’t do that for four years. And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”
The “30 Rock” star also said the election season and playing Sen. John McCain’s running mate has been a fun and busy time.
“Election time is always good for (‘SNL,’) and this is a bonkers election,” Fey said. “And that lady is a media star. She is a fascinating person. She’s very likable. She’s fun to play, and the two bits with Amy (Poehler) — that was super fun.”
© 2008

I just heard confirmation that Sarah Palin WILL infact appear on SNL this Saturday night!!! Go set your Tivo right now.

I busted my ass in Target…

No really – I did – it sucked, and it hurt… it still hurts damn it!
I went to Target to try and find a dress I already have but decided it might be best to get it in another color. They didn’t have it, but I found some other things, so it wasn’t a wasted trip entirely.
So, I was walking from the apparel section to the Halloween section – on the other side of the store – my path led me through the front of the store right where the checkouts are. I was just walking normally with my hand basket and my right foot just completely slid out from under me, twisted all the way up my leg and pulled me down with a thud – right in front of probably 30 people.
So not only was I embarrassed and in pain, I was pretty freakin’ pissed off because in the mix of the 30 people, there were probably 5 Target associates just standin around (NOT checking out the people standing in line) and NOT asking if I was ok or any thing – not one single person (shopper nor employee) even acknowledged that I was on the ground. SO MAD!

Anyway, I picked my self up and my basket and continued on through the rest of my shopping without further incident.

Please don’t forget to watch the final Presidential debate tonight on every channel… If you do watch it, let me know – I’ll give you a gold star for the week!

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