Weekend Update, and also…

So, this was the weekend – the 10 year class reunion. I was really excited about it starting back in January – this is actually one of the reasons I started this blog. It was originally intended to be a food journal of sorts in my efforts to get skinny by my reunion. Well, summer came and went with no reunion… I still managed to lose about 17 pounds – still have quite a ways to go however. Anyway, back to the reunion. It was held this past Saturday – only about 25 classmates came – I think I graduated with at least 300 people. I was really disappointed in the turn out. But we figured in hindsight, what else would we expect from our fairly apathetic class. Most everyone was friends with people in the classes behind or ahead of ours as we had a pretty small class comparatively. It was still good to see the people that were there. I really hope our 20 year reunion draws a bigger crowd – maybe if we start spreading the word NOW it’ll come together. I do have to say the ladies that did the planning did put a lot of effort into it and I hope they now are getting some much deserved rest. Biggest observations from the “event” – I’m still pretty much a big dork and we all look the same as we did 10 years ago except everyone is pregnant. I’m still glad I went, even though I had a brief freak out moment before we left the house – I got over that once I found the vodka.

In other news: brace yourself, this is a shocker… the Hogs LOST, again. Seriously, c’mon. NOW-All we ask for is to beat Ole Miss this coming weekend. It will be the last big tailgate of the season with a 6 o’clock kick!!! I hear we’ll have gumbo and what nots for the day! I’m thinking of making cupcakes – we’ll see how the week goes. I’m also really considering a great recipe I found a while back for Frozen Whiskey Sours… it could happen!!! I have my outfit all picked out – I’m ready for some rockin’ tailgating!

Saturday, Lynn and I went to the inside craft fair in Rogers. Cheryl and Lindsey had a booth there and their stuff was FLYING off the tables. Craft Fairs are a way of life here in Northwest Arkansas, every fall and spring, ladies of all shapes and sizes – all driving LARGE trucks and/or RV’s – converge in the area for shopping all over the place for hand made crafts. The biggest event is War Eagle – google it.

Sunday, Michelle had a group of gals over for some crafting of our own – it was a good relaxing time for everyone I think. I made some fun little trinkets – no glitter pumpkins this week though- there has been a ban put on glitter pumpkins going forward by MZ.

Also, if you didn’t see Sarah Palin on SNL – WOW – it was HILARIOUS!!! I don’t want to have too much about that disaster – and two Palin posts in a 4 day time span, well that’s just not right. But, seriously, as soon you finish reading this – go check it out! You’ll have to do your own digging this time – maybe I’ll post them later in the week, you betcha!!!

This week, I am going to New York for a Media Tour with Robin Miller – our new spokesperson! So, if you are in any of these areas be sure to check out your local morning news shows and look for Robin! Don’t look for me, I won’t be on camera – boo! You all know how I LOVE to be the center of attention, but apparently it ain’t gonna happen this time – maybe next time!!! =)

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Pictures to come on this stuff…laterz!

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