I heart Tina Fey!

Sarah Palin/Katie Couric

Sarah Palin/Hilary Clinton

Obama Notes ‘Remarkable’ Resemblance of Palin and Fey
By Perry Bacon Jr. Sen. Barack Obama finally had something to say about the other break-out star of the 2008 campaign, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, after spending the past several weeks trying to ignore her. “The resemblance is remarkable,” Obama told “Entertainment Tonight” when asked about actress Tina Fey’s portrayal of Palin on “Saturday Night Live.” Obama taped an appearance on ET in Detroit on Sunday after a campaign event and was joined in the interview by his wife, Michelle, vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden and Biden’s wife, Jill. As for how SNL was portraying him, Obama said, “My ears are easy to characterize.” “Just big,” his wife noted. “It’s a compliment,” Obama added. “If you haven’t been on ‘SNL,’ then you must not be mixing it up in politics.”

Tall Boys…

This photo is from October 2006… good picture of me and Mike, however the key to this picture is the ever present “Tall Boy” beer…

This had been deemed a staple for Mike on more than one occasion by fellow party goers, tail gaters, random passers by and probably a family member or two for apparently the past 2+ years. I never really thought too much about it, but they just keep coming up in conversation and now in random photos in my “gallery.”
For those of you confused, a “tall boy” is defined as a 24 oz can of beer. These were popular back with Gypsy was open because Coors Light tall boys were super cheap, so really, why not? Now they are more novel than anything else.
When I was stocking up on beer for the first game, this would be the day of the Crawfist Boil, in my partial hangover mixed with the zeal and glee of a new football and tailgating season, I went a little overboard at the beer store. I got my bottle of vodka for the following day of heavy tailgating (Absolout mind you, not that cheapo crap), along with a case of Miller Light regular cans AND a case of Miller Light tall boys. Being that we are by no means alcoholics (well, especially not Mike) this was A LOT of beer and vodka.
Anyway, it’s 4 games in and we still have tall boys in the fridge, and you will be happy to know that YES there actually is still some vodka left – yay me!
So I figure we have enough tall boys left so that they will continue to be a staple in Mike’s hand at some point during each Hog game festivity and so everyone around will always know the world is right, so long as the tall boys make it out of the ice chest!!!

Yep… this about sums it up!

from the movie “The Sweetest Thing…”

Apparently, so I’ve been told, this needs explination. The beging of the scene, Cameron Diaz’s character is bitching about how her boobs have moved from the time she was 22 until the current whe “she” is 28… Although I don’t have that exact problem, I’ve not had too much of an issue with gravity there, I do know that what I could do when I was 22, I most certainly can not do now that I am 28…
And well, I just don’t know how to edit the video to take the arm thing out…

I’ve been waiting for a long time…

…to wear THIS shirt!

Today, no hurricane nor other natural disaster will stop me from wearing it. Today is the Arkansas – Texas game in Austin. A long time rivalry! Unfortunately it may be a bloodbath… but for the sake of all things holy in football, I’m wearing the best shirt of all today!

If you can’t read the fine print, it says I’d rather go to HELL than Texas…

I don’t include Dallas in the whole hot mess that is Texas as a whole. I love Dallas… but when it comes to football, I hate Texas! =)

The last time the HOGS played in Texas, I was living in Dallas. We didn’t go to the game, but watched it at the local gathering place for the Razorback Club of Dallas. When we won, we did pack up and head to Austin to party on 6th street! That was a great day!

When I first moved back to Fayetteville, the HOGS played Texas in Fayetteville in front of a sell out, standing room only crowd. Liz actually made it out this game with me. Here’s us … quite a long time ago, tailgating on Lewis.

Hogs and Kisses… gracie

Self Tanner … and apparently how to remove self tanner

I LOVE THE TANNING BED! I have an addiction… the first step is admitting you have a problem, I know this.

I’m trying to cut back, which means for me going maybe only once a week. So I’ve been looking for alternatives, and I like what I’ve found.

Jergens makes a great lotion: Natural Glow Express. I use this at night because it does still have that salty smell… so you don’t want to use this at the start of your day. Showering in the morning works just fine so you don’t smell like salty self tanner.

In the mornings I use Neutrogena Micro Mist Tanning spray. It’s great because it is such a fine mist.I’ve been pretty good so far to avoid streaks and splotches so I haven’t had to frantically scour the Internet to find some crazy way to instantly remove self tanner short of bleaching your skin. However, I stumbled upon a remarkable way to, if not remove it, at least even it out a bit.

I use Envi shave gel, it cheap and gets the job done and doesn’t smell like a funeral parlor or like the drink I may have had last night – both key in picking scents of anything! I love flowers and I love to drink, just read most of my blog, but I don’t want my beauty products to take me overboard with either of those elements. (I use the blue one…)

Anyway, as I was using above product this morning, I noticed that most of my tan was coming off as well in the razor… albeit, shaving is an agent of exfoliation. I have now realized that it seemed to even things out and I am not too pale, so I am assuming it did not scrape off any epidermial layers – yes I think I made that word up – thanks House and Grey’s Anatomy.

So, there’s my lesson for the day – notsomuch a way to remove, but a good 3 step process to ensure that your self tanning experience does not go the way of Ross Geller.


So, I have no patience and went shopping at lunch… I love these shoes and think they will go great with the dress! Now the struggle is going be making myself wait until next weekend to wear them!!!

New Cocktail dress needs shoes!!! Stat!

I purchased this fabulous dress the other night at White House Black Market, and yes, Ari, I got a discount – even more than 5%!!!
Now I’m trying to decide on shoes… I like the red shown here but am really leaning toward purple or a deep teal. I’m also thinking I’m going to use a broach from my grandmothers collection that is made up of brilliant sapphire stones right in the center, as it’s a bit low cut – EVEN for me. I also have matching earrings…
Any suggestions?

Fake Eyelashes!

I’ve always LOVED fake eyelashes and all the power that comes with them! However, I’ve never been to keen on putting them on myself… I’ve had them done before but, again, have not been able to successfully apply them all on my own. Jennifer wears them all the time and she is a super pro at putting them on which I’ve always envied.

Well Friday night for Pink Trash Ball, I won the battle! I successfully applied some FABULOUS wild fake eyelashes. My tip – drink a few oz of liquid courage prior to application!

Here are the one’s I used – Make Up Forever from Sephora- I really like them, they were very easy… and below is the end result… I part my hair on the left so it kept brushing against the feathery end, but other than that there were no issues what so ever!

Gameday Mimosas

Many of you may find it hard to believe, but even I can not drink beer at 8 in the morning! So we started Saturday morning off with Starbucks and Baileys and Mimosa’s! The Hogs faced off against Alabama on Saturday with an 11:30 kickoff – to get in the regulated amount of tailgating, that involved our appearance at Leverett parking at 8 am sharp. The drinks and company were good times – the game, not so much. There’s no need for me to rehash the slaughter, Mike and I didn’t even go to the game. Ah the joys of tailgating with a rather large TV and an HD receiver…
Most everyone trickled back before the 3rd quarter and we all enjoyed the nice weather and always eventful conversation. We did miss Ari this weekend, she had a huge wedding to orchestrate… sorry to all you stick Ari fans – she didn’t come out either…

Pink Trash Ball

It was a great success! Tons of fun, tons of people and TONS of PINK!!!
There are some really great pictures here: Pink Trash Ball 2008 pictures
If you ever need a photographer in Northwest Arkansas – Eric is your guy! Go the above linked site for his info!
Here’s pictures of me and Mike and me and mom… as well as some other great shots from the event!

It was a success once again this year! Thanks for everyone who came out partied hard for an amazing cause! I can’t wait to do it again next year!!!

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