Do your research please

I get A LOT of calls every day with people wanting to sell me things – work related things like SEO, digital design work, the next big social media opportunity, other companies souls in a mason jar… you name it.50% of the time I can stop them before they get to the end and politely curtail their spiel and get on with everyones day. But the rest of the time I get to have fabulous fun meetings with great marketers. This is when I wish I had unlimited funds, wait I wish that every day.

My very most favorite meetings are when people do their research on me and speak to me {and my brand, but I kinda feel like I am my brand}. The other day I met with someone who clearly knew ME, even though we had never met. I loved that they had used examples of blogs and sites that are clearly graciefabulous.

Thanks for doing your research marketeers – it shows and I like!


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