Dear cute little blonde girl in red convertible…

That used to be me, look to your left, you’ll see yourself in about 7 years…

Here’s what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna wreck that hot little car, it’s a given, and sorry, Daddy isn’t going to buy you anything else to replace it. You’re also going to go have to get a real job and quick playing princess ALL of the time. You’re also going to have to quit eating. Not all together, but you’ll have to ditch anything that has the word Taco on the sign = Taco Cabana, Taco Bueno, Taco Bell… you get the point. Eat an apple.
Also, I hate to break it to you, you’re gonna have to work out. Don’t worry, your boobs aren’t going anywhere {thank Goddess} but due to your dependency on aforementioned Taco locations you’ll need to start running in 5 minutes and, well, don’t stop, EVER.
Your not going to get any taller, so save your taco money for shoes – tall ones and quit bitching about your feet hurting, you are tall(ish) so suck it up.
Stay blonde, don’t try brunette, don’t attempt to figure out what your “natural” color is, blonde works

So super cute little skinny girl in shiny red mustang – enjoy it now while you can.

Jr. League

This year will be my first full year as an active member of the Jr. League of Northwest Arkansas. I’m excited about the upcoming year and the events that are planned.

Here’s a picture of my small group – I was apparently the only one that got the memo to wear your “group” color with was turquoise…n20607600_36203576_5797527

Sunflowers & Sangria

OT Sunflowers 02

A few weeks ago, we went to Sunflowers & Sangria at the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks. Every other month or so they showcase flora, fauna and libations at Cocktails in the Garden.
It was literally the hottest day of the year – on record! Needless to say, we were sweaty … and I drank a lot of Sangria.

But, we made the local paper! Here’s my dad, Mike, {me} my mom and my sister.

September is Moonflowers and Margaritas. For more information, check out

Baseball Baby shower

On Saturday, I hosted a baby shower for Lindsey and baby to be Rhett! It was a baseball theme and so we had ball park food like nachos, hot dogs and pretzels – of corse all had a touch of fabulous flair…

Pictures to come – I didn’t take any so I’m waiting on my co-hostesses to send them to me! =)

non-posting mood continues

Obviously I haven’t posted in quite a while. I haven’t had the inspiration to write about much at all. I’m going to try and start catching up, so yes, there will be some back dating involved! Check back and scroll down to find out more soon!

a WICKED weekend

wicked-logoThis weekend I took Mike to see WICKED in Tulsa. I saw it last year with the THSC girls on Broadway and I was super excited that it was coming to play so close! The Tulsa showing wasn’t quite as good as the Broadway showing but it was still super fabulous! In true fashion, I dressed thematically with my “ruby red” shoes and sparkly green eyeshadow.

Tulsa is a great day trip and we hope to go back soon.

Happy 4th of July!

This weekend was the 4th of July, it was a bitter-sweet weekend at best. On Thursday we learned of the death of a dear friend, on Friday we celebrated (early) a pre-40 birthday party, on Saturday we had a lazy rainy day, pizza, movies and a bbq in the evening with my parents friends. After the bbq, we came home and sat in the driveway to watch the neighbors try real hard not to blow up themselves or their houses – they even blared some Skynard for dramatic effect {or at least that’s what we called it, I’m sure they truly enjoyed it.}

That was pretty much as close to a childhood 4th of July replication as I’m ever gonna get.

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