Sonic Drive In Hog Cup, or lack there of

Dear Sonic Drive In:
I drove in to you today with the main goal of getting one of the commemorative Hog cups. I ordered the required LARGE combo even though I knew I wouldn’t eat all of it, I specifically requested a LARGE diet limeade that should be poured into said commemorative Hog cup. It sounded just as easy as your marquee said it would be. Alas, when my order was delivered – there it was – a PLAIN sonic cup. Overwhelmed with confusion I clearly stated that this could not be my order as it did not contain the aforementioned commemorative Hog cup. I was impolitely told that the cup is 50 cents extra. I said, “no, I ordered the large combo – can you please switch it out?” I apparently rendered the car hop speechless, she shrugged her shoulders, turned around and walked away… I am not pleased with this chain of events! I want my Hog cup!

Thank you, Gracie{fabulous}


One thought on “Sonic Drive In Hog Cup, or lack there of

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  1. I would also like a commemorative Hog cup but I am not sure it is worth the trouble of dealing with confused carhops. Although, there is the added health benefits of large sizing my meal. Hmmm.

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