Bikes Blues and BBQ 2009

This weekend is the 10th anniversary of Bikes Blues and BBQ in Fayetteville! I love it! I know there is actually quite a bit of opposition to the event, but it’s only 4 days a year and it brings in so much money to the local community and all the proceeds of the event go to local charities – can you really complain about that? There are about 200,000 people in the Washington-Benton county area on any given day, but during BBBBQ that jumps to about 700,000. I went out on Friday night for some great local live music. We started out with a fabulous seat on the balcony of Hog Haus and enjoyed happy hour beers and watched the bikers ride up and down Dickson Street. Then we went down to Jose’s to hear Leah and Mojo Doctors play – this was their 9th year to play at the rally! We made a quick stop at the Walton Arts Center for cheap beer and and clean bathrooms – it was definitely worth the $1 donation to have a clean bathroom. Then we headed over to the main event stage to watch Big Un’s play and eat some BBQ!!!
Big Un’s always has a great show, but last night may have been the best ever – they seriously rocked!!!

Can’t wait for next year!

Candy Experiment

I love Halloween candy; well I should really say I love candy of any kind no matter what holiday.
So, of course, I was sucked into the glorious candy aisle at Walmart the other day where the biggest bag of mixed candy bars, a bag of mini Reece’s cups, a bag of Candy Apple Kisses and a bag of Candy Corn Kisses mysteriously found their way into my basket that had previously just had cereal, apples and eyeliner in it. I couldn’t leave it in the car so I brought it in and dumped it into a large bowl and set it on my desk.candy

Of course it’s “meant” to be communal but I was totally ok knowing I’d probably eat the whole thing between now and Halloween. The candy bowl has become a MAGNET! There are people I don’t even know that come by and take from it – not ask if they may please have a piece of candy but take it by the handfuls and horde it at their desks. I actually watched someone take the bowl off the shelf, dig through it and then get a little miffed that I did not have any Baby Ruth’s in there just for them… Clearly, at this rate, the bowl WILL NOT last until Halloween!

It’s FOOTBALL season…

… finally!

It was a long summer, but the happiest of all happy times is finally upon us! Now, you better be ready for tailgate season as well! If you haven’t been planning your tailgate 09 season since last November, here are a few items that are a must:

  • a tent {not a camping tent} but a pavilion tent – you need something to claim your territory
  • lots of beverages of your choice – my choice would be alcohol, but you may pick other things such as soda or juice … I guess
  • even more water than you have other beverages
  • quick and easy snacks for grabby hand – this is only if you haven’t been planning for a few months and have a schedule of events directly related to specific theme days
  • sunscreen
  • a camera
  • a tailgating tv
  • a tailgating Xbox
  • another tent so the girls don’t have to sit with the guys, this is unlovingly called the Kitchen Tent in our circle
  • lots of tailgating chairs – here’s a tip – go ahead and write your name on them – with a marker, please don’t get them monongramed – and just keep them in your trunk – you’ll use them more than you’ll ever know
  • cute shoes, then “walking to the game” shoes – this is a must if you want to walk on Sunday
  • advil and vitamin c, maybe some b12 too
  • handiwipes
  • solo cups in your team colors
  • a marker to write your name on the cups, even though you’ll probably forget where it is
  • koozies for beer
  • a signature drink – I strongly advise sticking one {maybe 2} type of drink per tailgate – maybe it should match the theme of your outfit…
  • mascara, hell your whole bag of make up – you never know when someone’s gonna cry
  • bandaids, in case your cute shoes don’t last – or if you take a tumble
  • toilet paper! you don’t want to use the portapotty and most times its already gone
  • trashbags
  • germex

Well that’s whats in MY tailgate box – you may not use all of these items on the first tailgate but you’ll be prepared to help a fellow fan in distress – but don’t share your toilet paper with the opposing team fans – that’s their own fault!

Happy Tailgating!!!

I must learn to say “YES!” when asked if I want something for the pain

I am officially old… and to prove it, I got a pulled back muscle or two for my birthday.

Let me tell you it sucks. Not only does it hurt but it’s extremely scary! I wish I had some crazy story to blame like dancing on the bar or something else “wild and crazy” alas, I do not. It started hurting on Saturday afternoon and progressively got worse  through the weekend. Monday morning I got up to Advil-up and it was a quite an event to get out of bed and then I couldn’t even get a handful of water to my mouth … I already had the pills in my mouth so I just kept throwing water at my face until I got enough water in my mouth to swallow the pills. Let me tell you that was my pinnacle of hotness.

That episode scared me enough I decided it might be best to go to the doctor as I had not been able to positively e-diagnose myself. I hate going to the doctor 1: because I hate to sit in the waiting room and risk getting some hybrid disease that is a mutation of all diseases present in said waiting room 2: normally I get the instructions of go home and rest, not much I can do for you 3: I don’t appreciate that the doctor walks in and asks “how are you” – well I’m terrible, that’s why I’m here. But being that I couldn’t walk, MZ was more than happy to take me to the doctor, if for no other reason but to get a few hours of quiet for himself and to get me to quit whining.

So the doctor made me do a myriad of motions and other random questions were asked, to which I answered or jumped up and down or twisted or whatever else. And it was determined it was a pulled muscle or two and there wasn’t much he could do. I got a cortizone shot and a handful of muscle relaxer samples. He asked if I wanted something for the pain – to which I should have answered YES! but instead I just said “isn’t that what the muscle relaxers are for…” say yes say yes say yes! Next time I will say yes please…

So I’ve been in bed the past 3 days with very minimal movement. I’m finally feeling well enough today to do more than check my facebook – I can actually sit up and type which is exactly what you are reading right now.

I hope I never have to go through this again – it’s horrible!

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