In memory of Anne Pressly 1982 – 2008

Little Rock – KATV Channel 7 Daybreak anchorwoman Anne Pressly died Saturday at the age of 26, as a result of injuries sustained earlier this week.
Anne was attacked in her home in Little Rock. The police are not releasing many details and are actually saying that it probably was a random act and do not believe she was targeted. Robbery is the only suspected motive, as her purse was missing. Every single bone in her face was broken. She died on Saturday due her extensive injuries. For more info, go to KATV.

I didn’t know Anne but knew quite a few people who did. She was strong and successful at such an early age. She was a role model to so many, older and younger than her. This is such a horrific story. I hope it makes everyone think about their own personal safety – it’s something most of us probably take for granted. I know I think I’m invincible most of the time, but no matter how strong you are, it only take a moment to be off guard and have it all taken away.

When I lived in Dallas, I came home one day to my apartment that was in a gated complex that you had to have a code/ clicker to get into – to find a man in my apartment who clearly was not supposed to be there. When I unlocked the door and shifted everything in my arms around, this guy just walked out of my bed room and into the living roomm looked directly at me, and began quickly walking toward me like nothing was wrong or out of place – almost like he was going to walk right by me. Taking no chance, I dropped the box of papers on the floor and actually had enough dexterity to point my mace key chain at him and douse him. I was later told that I caused the equivalent of a first degree burn in his nasal passages and throat. It burned my hand too. I really didn’t care. I screamed and continued screaming as I ran back down the stairs. Thankfully, I apparently scared him enough that he went the other way and didn’t come after me, also a good thing, because I was out of mace. I ran to the front office where we called 911. The guy had collapsed in the court yard and was arrested and taken away. The cops did a thorough sweep of my apartment – nothing was missing and there was initially no way of telling how he had gotten in. It was later discovered that the maintenance keys from the front office had been taken. After that I got a dog, and some more mace. If I would have had a gun, I probably would have blown his head off…
That was one of the scariest experiences ever, obviously. I was not physically injured and nothing was stolen from my belongings, but now I am definitely more cautious, although, I don’t know what I could have done differently in that case. It just goes to show that you should always be aware of your surroundings, people around you, what’s going on – you never know when you will need to remember something or be on your toes to react.

Please continue to pray for Anne’s family and that they find the monster that did this to her and also that there are stricter laws passed punishing those who commit these crimes!

Be safe out there!!!!


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  1. When I heard that story I was really hoping she would pull through. I was devastated to hear that she passed away. It’s such a scary story!! I can’t imagine how her family must feel! And your story scared the crap out of me and I made a note to get a mace keychain ASAP!

  2. Sooo crazy scary. What is going on down there? Weren’t you all just in the news for something else lately?

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