I busted my ass in Target…

No really – I did – it sucked, and it hurt… it still hurts damn it!
I went to Target to try and find a dress I already have but decided it might be best to get it in another color. They didn’t have it, but I found some other things, so it wasn’t a wasted trip entirely.
So, I was walking from the apparel section to the Halloween section – on the other side of the store – my path led me through the front of the store right where the checkouts are. I was just walking normally with my hand basket and my right foot just completely slid out from under me, twisted all the way up my leg and pulled me down with a thud – right in front of probably 30 people.
So not only was I embarrassed and in pain, I was pretty freakin’ pissed off because in the mix of the 30 people, there were probably 5 Target associates just standin around (NOT checking out the people standing in line) and NOT asking if I was ok or any thing – not one single person (shopper nor employee) even acknowledged that I was on the ground. SO MAD!

Anyway, I picked my self up and my basket and continued on through the rest of my shopping without further incident.

Please don’t forget to watch the final Presidential debate tonight on every channel… If you do watch it, let me know – I’ll give you a gold star for the week!


7 thoughts on “I busted my ass in Target…

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  1. You poor thing. I have such a fear of this!! Always in high heels and those slippery floors make for a possible dangerous fall!
    I can’t believe no one helped you though. What the crap?

  2. That totally reminds me of a the time I fell at Quik Trip. I was pumping gas in the ice/snow and had to clean the salt off of my windows. I was using the window wiper when I tripped over the gas pump hose. I hit the ground hard and the wiper thingy went flying across the parking lot. The guy at the pump next to me started laughing like crazy but never asked if I was okay. Worst part was that I had to walk over and get the wiper. I was so mad. I’m glad your physically not hurt even though you may be a little emotionally sore right now. You’ll be able to laugh about it some day soon. 🙂

  3. Oh dear. So mush easier when you are with a friend and can have a hearty laugh… Ah well, makes for a good story.

  4. GACIE….you fell! 🙂
    Also, I need my gold star please. I watched and was happy to see my man never get flustered and had elequent and thoughtful answers, as usual!

  5. Hi Gracie,

    you follow my blog, and I just happened to have a free minute & read some of your postings.

    I came across this one & had to respond. I work at Target here in Northern CA, & I'm so sorry tp hear that you fell in one of our stores.

    I am shocked that none of the employees helped you up or asked if you were alright. That would have never happened in my store.

    I hope you feel better!

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