Florida game kitchen gate

As noted in my previous post, it was raining when we all got up way too early on Saturday to start tailgating… after a few phone calls and multiple texts, it was established that we would go to Kenny’s house to tailgate, or more like kitchen gate. I found it funny that it was referred to as “Kenny’s” – only because Amanda was out of town…
Jennifer and Brittany and I had our celebratory mimosa’s, even drank out of real glass! We tried not to spill to much champagne, Kenny yelled at us a lot and we really tried to be careful… and as you can tell, we weren’t quite awake. Good times.
We even circled up and passed around the Turkey Hill, this time we had freezer berry or something of the sort instead of strawberry Boone’s farm – it sure was not the same. Aaron finished off the bottle, as he should since it was his birthday.
As everyone headed up to the game, MZ and I headed home to pack for Little Rock… more to come on that.

The game was a loss, but not as bad as it should have been! So we called it a draw…
Tim Te-who?


2 thoughts on “Florida game kitchen gate

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  1. I love your blog and I love meeting a fellow marketer! Weddings…I know…I am in one in Nov! Love, MG

  2. Tailgating in MY kitchen and no ME! Hate that I missed it. I love my Kenny. He got you the real glasses – precisely why I married him. Gotta love a man that gets my girls real glasses (whilst yelling at you not to spill!)

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