Saturday night MZ cashed in on his birthday present which was tickets to MacHomer at the Walton Arts Center. First we went to dinner at Doe’s with the tailgating crowd and had always delicious steak and potatoes and tamales. Doe’s is great because you can split a gigantic steak between two people and it’s normally the perfect portion!

Full of steak and wine (and beer) we headed across the street to the show. MacHomer is a one man show that consists of the story of MacBeth personified by Simpsons characters. One guy does the entire show and acts out all the characters voices.  He was fantastic. It was a great show for the two of us because I took a whole semester that was about nothing but MacBeth and wrote many a paper on the subject and I’m pretty sure MZ has watched the Simpsons religiously since their inception in December of 1989.

We both truly enjoyed the show. It was original and witty and drew a crowd that wanted to be there instead of thinking they were fulfilling some type of artsy obligation. You can check out the info here:

After the show, we met back up with everyone at 21st Amendment then headed to Theo’s to begin B’s birthday celebration with Champagne. I’m sad we took NO pictures!!!

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