Bye Bye Smith Family! We’ll Miss YOU!

Today I helped host a going away party for our good friends Scott and Cheryl and their girls Cayden and Payton! They are moving to Houston in just a couple of weeks – Scott got a wonderful job offer that they could not pass up.
The theme of the party of course was “Western Chic” complete with cowboy hats and boots and lots of BLING. I always need an excuse to wear my cowboy boots and a dress, and this was IT – probably for the year… There was a kid corral for ALL the children, pretty sure MZ and I were the only ones without children but that’s totally fine.

I think it was a great way to send them off and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed the party. I will miss Cheryl a lot, she is such a great friend and is always a creative inspiration and fabulous to host parties with, so I’m losing my hostess buddy – we’ll have to have online parties or install a webcam to any parties going forward so she can still participate!

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