the Beatles live in Fayetteville

Last night MZ and I went to see RAIN, the Beatles cover band. It was really good. It was a totally different crowd for the Arts Center, lots of hippies and people that don’t typically go to the theater.
The show consisted of Beatles songs through the years, starting with the Ed Sullivan event and going all the way through to the end.

Bacon on rooftop in Chinatown

Today we had a media tour for Wright Brand Bacon and Aaron McCargo. We filmed on a rooftop in Chinatown in NYC. It was a great set, it looked really urban outdoors. The theme was, of course, Bacon along with summer time grilling. Aaron made some of his great recipes like a Bacon Burger Hotdog and  an awesome bacon chicken sandwich – you can find all the recipes and more info at!

Ahhhhh the trip to NYC …

IMG_0244How I love thee, every other week, let me count the ways.

I actually really do love the flights to New York. It’s always filled with fabulously snarky people ready to get the F out of Northwest Arkansas as they are all think they are too damn good for this place – lest they forget, THEY came here because THEIR biggest client is here {that’s Walmart fools}. I am only part of the mass exodus from NWA because my business lies in New York – now is the appropriate time to feel sorry for me! This time I am headed up for what they call in the business a “desk side tour.” As we are launching new products, we are escorting one our spokespeople, to all the big shot magazines so that she can help to sell our product. I’ve never been on a desk side tour… I’m intrigued… glad the agency is here for sure. Therefore, I’m “blogging in air” thanks Word because I’m pretty sure there are no wifi flights leaving Arkansas any time soon… I’m also blogging and listening to my fabulous mix on le iPhone… shall I be worried that at THE EXACT moment Rehab by the oh so lovely Amy Winehouse started playing I was presented with my second mini bottle of gin courtesy of our super awesomely snarky flight attendant – he needs to explain the exact meaning of Cran-Apple and the equation will be complete. I do have to say though, the guy gave me another bottle of gin… I gave him a dollar tip… ROCK gt!

Also, side note: Rehab was followed with Brandy Alexander by Feist… you make your own conclusions… and GO! I referenced “this time” because I’m going to NYC every other week until July – at least that’s as far as I have scheduled out. Again, if you didn’t observe before – now is yet another appropriate time to feel super sorry for me. We have two satellite media tours and another desk side tour coming up. I’ll be sure to post the exact Media schedule for the satellite tours so that y’all can tune in.

Song update: now on “The Ride” by David Allen Coe… it’s a long walk to Nashville… and apparently New York too!

NY State of mind…Part deux of a few

The actual reason we were in NYC was for Milo’s baptism. Milo is MZ’s nephew and now Godson. He’s quite the charmer and I must say a brilliant child, of course he has brilliant parents so the expectations are high. Saturday was the literal blessed event. We walked down to the apartment but had to stop at the Peas and Pickles and pick up some beer because, really what Catholic baptism isn’t complete without beer. The baptism was absolutely lovely. The priest was so delightful. SO much so, that I even said if we had a priest like that at home, I might actually go to mass. He referred to God as a She – I kinda think that was just to see who was actually listening to the sermon, but nonetheless… a She God was…

After the ceremony we headed back to TP and KZ’s apartment to celebrate. Their friends were great and all very supportive. It was really cool to see such a long standing group of friends together, all raising their children together, all being overly successful together – really cool!

Again that afternoon, I got the chance to play tour guide! We rode the subway into Midtown and we came up right at Penn Station.  I love love LOVE the hustle and bustle of NYC and ALL the people and busy and crazy. MZ, not so much. We made it to Central Park and had a nice little rest on the green grass. It was packed, it was an absolutely perfect weekend in NYC weather wise and everything else-wise as well. So we hung out in the park for a bit and then we walked down Mecca, I mean 5th Ave for a while, back toward Times Square with the theory of hitting Penn Station again and going “home.” We of course had to stop and mack on some Magnolia Cupcakes…..we hopped on the subway and made our way safely home, yay! I was a bit worried I had no clue where we were going… surely he thought I was right? RIGHT?

That night we went to Noodle Pudding, which sounds really really strange but was on the post Grimaldi’s tour from Friday so we trusted Todd’s opinion… it was a quaint little Brooklyn Italian place that you could tell was good because there were some of them real I-talians eatin’ all up in that place. Seriously, I figure that is a good sign if families of Italian origin eat there… They apparently had just opened their sidewalk seating for the season and I secrectly wished for an outside table. My wish was granted! We had the most wonderful table that faced a park and you could see the lights of the Brooklyn Bridge as well! It was a great meal and I was happy to just have time to sit by ourselves and talk.

Pizza… lacking, Buzzwords, NOT LACKING

Friday night, after our more than 3 hour tour of lower Manhattan, we were famished and thirsty = beer and pizza. We were super excited to have real NY pizza… so Todd told us about a world famous Pizza Place – Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, brick oven, talk of ages, pizza made of real history – so – we must try right? Off to Grimalidi’s we go to stand in line, as we were informed there IS A LINE, it cares not who you are or what you want, you wait in line you pay only in cash. You lika youra pizza… hmmmmmmmmm we only wanted take out, 2 pizzas, ok – we wait, it’s a beautiful night, we felt local, we could hang…. 45 minutes later…. We get to order. Then we wait. At least then we got chairs which was good because after all that wakling MZ’s knee could take no more. So down we sat to wait some more. We got our pizza, paid our cash and head back the ½ mile to the apartment. Along the way TP pointed out some of their fave local eateries. We were so hungry we could have eaten at each and every one of them In the same sitting. We got home and broke out the wine and unwrapped the pizzas, they looked super tasty. However, even as starving as we were, they were not that great. We still prefer Tims in Fayetteville or Giordano’s in Chicago… yeah that’s right, I compared pizza in Arkansas to pizza in Chicago…  The evening was great, we sat around and ate pizza and drank way too much wine and disuccessed all the crazy buzzwords we’ve heard in random presentations, then proceeded to make up our own. That WILL be it’s own blog posting, but for a spoiler, the winner is…. We’re gonna go Brazilian on that….

New York State of Mind {pt 1 of many}

I’ve been to NYC twice and have yet to report. So as I sit on the 3rd return, I shall tell the tales of 2 trips…

The end of April, MZ and I came for Milo’s baptism, I posted pictures but slacked on the writing… we came up on the Thursday night flight, good flight, no issues, lots of Walmartian Vendors which always makes for a drunk flight, sometimes it even rivals the flight to Vegas honestly! LOVE IT!

Anyway, MZ had never been to NYC so I felt super cool in that I got to lead the way. We got in line for a cab, yeah there’s even a line at 10pm – if one was landing in Highfill at 10pm and expected a car service of any sort–well…. Good luck, hope you brought your walking shoes. So we took a cab into Brooklyn where we were advised to stay by a few people, the Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge to be exact (great hotel btw). We grabbed a quick bite to eat and a drink or 5 and called it a night. The next morning we had a strollering date with Todd and Milo – we strollered down to the promenade less than a block from their apartment and then continued our strollering adventure across the Brooklyn Bridge – it was so cool. I loved it!!!  Check out all the pictures here. On the Manhattan side of the Bridge is where we parted ways with Todd and Milo and I was employed with navigating skillz – yeah it gets a Z, because they are THAT awesome! We headed due northish to Canal Street – I figured MZ needed to totally experience a cavernous escapade for knock of jewelry and bags. My keen sense of direction and shopping skillz (yep there’s the z again) landed us right where I wanted to be – Broadway and Canal… we went from gate to gate looking at what MZ deemed be the same damn thing until we came across the “vendor” that sold only belt buckles…. Does MZ wear a belt… NO… does he need a buckle to secure said belt… NO did he buy a belt buckle – oh hellz yeah – He bought a Decepticon Transformers belt buckle that’s rather large. I was completely accepting of the fact that for some reason he wanted a buckle for a belt he does not have… the only rule was that could not be any bigger than any prize winning buckle any of our acquaintances may have won…  I bought some great trinket finds… can’t get enough of Canal. Then we headed back toward the bridge, stopped at a Dunkin Doughnuts for refreshments of the caffeinated kind, then made our way ALL the way back to the apartment… we figured we walked about 6 miles that day… more than either of us expected to do.

Presentation Etiquette

A few weeks ago I posted on Bunco etiquette – today, we discuss, or rather{go to blog rules in the top portion of this graciefabulous blog}  I tell you  “WHAT NOT TO DO”  in a freakin presentation when no one even knows what the S you are talking about anyway… Rule #1 Don’t correct yourself!!! Unless you make some gross grammatical error or something that someone would pick up on or later sue you for… I was in a presentation today with a great team and one of the lead presenters actually looked EXACTLY like Ryan Stiles from the Drew Carey Show and what not. They were presenting along in their nerd fashion and I was super impressed and THEN they called themselves out on something that they didn’t change on their presentation.  & I’m gonna go ahead and steal from Tina Fey here… DEAL BREAKER. I was so distracted by the fact that they took the time to call out a very miniscule mistake rather than continue on … ugh! Yes, you should always admit your mistakes, I’m all for that mantra, however, I also think you should fix your freakin’ presentation… you shouldn’t have to apologize for incorrect information (that no one would have known about by the way). So the moral of the story boys and girls is to always make sure your images and facts and information in ALL your presentations, no matter your clientele is correct and accurate an able to be fact checked….

Much like Bobby Knight…

I didn’t come to Boot Camp to F around… {yes OK – he was in Lubbock – I still like the saying}

So we’re finishing up week 3 this week of Bootie Camp. I must say it’s not what I expected unfortunately. I mean, I appreciate the discipline lesson of getting up at 530 in the am but I’m not really seeing hard core results. I still hate the plank, I still can do lunges forever and technically squats are bad for you… maybe this upcoming last week will really kick some tail, or at least  kick it off, that’s all I’m really asking for, my ass is huge.

But my real beef with the class is the lazy ladies in the group that apparently thought that just because they woke up at 5 am the will magically shed 90 pounds – that takes work gals! I really feel like the instructor focuses too much of her effort on adjusting exercises for them rather than pushing the rest of us to do one more heinously hard push up or stay up in plank for 20 more seconds or run one more mile harder… so back to BK – not to be confused with Burger King… I too did not sign up for Boot Camp to F around, I wanted some hard core results as well as training tactics to take with me on my endless journey for skinniness, that is all I ask for on my journey, alas I feel I will be failed overall by BC and will be back to my running with Presley schedule upon the first week of June.


Manni, a 5-week-old wild boar, takes a liking to Candy, a Jack Russell terrier, on May 10 in Ehringhausen, western Germany. Manni was found abandoned and starving in the forest. A family adopted the piglet, bottle-feeding him and introducing him to the family’s pet dog. (courtesy of MSNBC)

Ladie’s Digital Short Retort

I’m a huge, HUGE fan of the SNL digital shorts, they are so funny and can always make me laugh so hard I cry.

On one of the blogs I read:, she referenced the ladies response to Andy Samburg’s Jizz in my Pants… it’s HILAROUS! I hadn’t seen this, but then again, I don’t play around on youtube too much either.

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