Tiffany and beyond!

We didn’t have much of a plan for Saturday, we got and had breakfast in our spacious dining room and talked about some options. Catching a matinee was an option, shopping on 5th Ave was a must – going to Tiffany – a MUST MUST! So we got dressed and headed to 5th Ave!
We tried to go to FAO Schwarz but there was a line wrapped all the way around the building. We headed straight to Tiffany. We all split up to cover all 4 or 5 floors. After about 30 minutes Amanda caught up with us and said we MUST go to the 3 floor where the sterling silver was, so up we went – and we took the stairs – eek! We all headed toward the charms and Amanda suggested her and Ari take a picture by the grand staircase, so Brittany took out her camera, she actually started filming. Amanda pulled out a lovely Tiffany Blue bag out of her coat and handed it to Ari – you see, Ari’s husband had arranged to have a gift card waiting for her at the store so she could buy her own Christmas presents there instead of ordering online! It was so sweet and so wonderful that it’s on camera. As soon as I get the video, I will post it!
We walked some more down 5th and watched all the tourists – it’s amazing how crazy it was and how much people were spending, especially since we consider our country to be in a recession!
The other 4 girls had decided to go to a matinee showing of Mary Poppins. I wanted to try to catch up with MZ’s sister so we split up after a tasty pizza lunch off Broadway.
I walked down to Bryant Park and then back up 5th Ave all the way back to the apartment – that took about 3 hours. I got in so much people watching and so much walking that afternoon! It was fun to be by myself and just kinda get lost in all the crazy.
I even was mistaken for a local (I guess) a few times, people asked ME for directions, then I opened my mouth and they knew damn good and well that I was not from the city at all. Oh well – it was cool while it lasted.
I headed back to the apartment alone and talked with Todd (MZ’s brother in law) and we eventually came to the conclusion that this was not the trip to catch up since KZ is 8.75 months pregnant. With that being said, MZ is going to be an uncle and maybe we’ll get to go back to soon to see them and the new baby!!!

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