Yes, today the high is 27, so so much warmer than the high of 19 yesterday.
Sunday, it was 70 degrees in the afternoon, (I had the fire place turned on anyway though) then the wind started to blow about 6 pm and by 8 pm it was 24!!!!!!!!!!!! 24 degrees = craziness.

No worries though, I’m heading to sunny California for a commercial shoot for the rest of the week. Wahoo! (notice the non-use of woooo!) I’ll be in Santa Monica till Saturday, then I come back to the Ark-tic fundra of Fayetteville.
But fun times do await – I get to cash in my birthday present and MZ and I are going to see SpamALot Saturday evening and probably to Theo’s to eat. YUM!

I can not believe Christmas is a week away! It does not seem like it’s time for Christmas yet at all. I did start making Christmas cards this past weekend – hopefully I’ll get them mailed off in time so that they actually arrive PRIOR to Christmas. But, ya know, the Christmas season lasts until January 6th so … maybe they’ll be Epiphany cards instead. Hence the 12 days of Christmas.


OK so I laughed extremely hard when I saw this epidode of “How I Met Your Mother” but beware… and I’ve come to notice more and more how this is not always the best girl to be… still fun none the less but I think there may come a certain point in yours or my life that, well, WOOOO girlyness may need to be toned down a bit… just FYI.

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